Winter Weekends

Now the nights are drawing in and it's getting a little chilly (I say that, it's like 18 degrees or something as I write this... typical), it's the time of year where I get bored at a weekend and look for things to do. Thought I'd share a few weekend inspiration tips and ideas

As my mates and anyone who follows me on Twitter knows, I'm a gym bunny and already go to the gym both Saturday and Sunday practically every weekend unless I'm away (very rare!) so this is something that I'll carry on during the colder months and may even spend more time in there.

There's literally nothing better than the smell of home made cakes.. apart from licking the spoon. So why not spend a Sunday afternoon cooking up some cup cakes or a victoria sponge? With it being the weekend, it means you've got longer to spend making dinner so take the time to enjoy making what you eat and push the boat out a little bit more. Instead of whipping up a quick spag bol, why not make the sauce from scratch? Or have fun with a new pasta maker?

Have a clear out
This weekend I sat and put loads of clothes on eBay, from dresses I don't wear anymore, to shoes I've never work. Plan the next few weekends to have a clear out in a different section of your house/bedroom -eg, one weekend have a clear out of your clothes, then the next weekend hit the shoe box, maybe then your handbags and accessories. Don't forget about having a make up clear out and even a haircare clear out (if you're like me and have 2 boxes of make up, 1 and a bit of hair stuff and a box of general bits and bobs beauty wise)! - yes, this was me, mid-clear out!

Watch a film 
I'm not a film buff at all and rarely have the patience to sit for 2 or 3 hours to watch a film, especially at home. But in a few weeks time when it's dark at 5pm and you have nothing else to do, dig out a good feel good film and have a watch on the sofa with a blanket and some popcorn. My to-watch box consists of Love Actually, Bridget Jones, Toy Story, We're the Millers (already watched this but freaking love it!), It's Complicated and of course the Holiday.. oh and Elf nearer to Christmas! Definitely check out the Pound Shops around you, you can get some really good bargains. 

Get creative
Spend an afternoon or morning getting a bit creative.. head down to your local Hobby Craft or arty shop and see what's in the sale section or what takes your fancy. Even  just walking around the shop having a mooch can give you ideas on what to do. I recently popped in and they had cardboard block letters in the sale so I picked these up along with some de coupage paper to decorate them with. It was sooo easy and kinda fun feeling like I was back in school with PVA glue.. next on my list is the 5ft tall Giraffe!


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