#NOTD: OPI Nail Envy

I've Tweeted before about how much I'm in love with OPI's nail envy. I've used it so many times as I'm the worst person in the world with acryllic nails... on off, on off, on off! I get impatient and end up picking them off and now my nails are a mess and never grow past a certain length.

A friend recommended it late last year and I was really surprised with the effects. My nails grew so quickly and the difference even after a couple of days was really noticeable so you can imagine what it was like after about 10 days. A few people commented on an Instagram picture asking if it really works and so thought I'd give my little view...

There's loads of different OPI Nail Envy's but I just use the basic max strength in the green package (photo in the Boots Haul blog a few blogs back)! It's so simple - double coat on day one, then add another coat every day for 2 weeks. I know what you're thinking... it's going to build up and go funny! It kind of does but not as much as you'd think. If I do a 3 week stint, I normally only have to take it off and restart once, maybe twice depending on what I'm doing.

As soon as I get my nails to a length I like, I try and Sensationail them for as long as possible but you can guarantee that they'll break at some point :( But the growing process is magical.. quite literally. I have no idea how it works (it's probably on Google if you really wanted to know) but all I can say is that... it bloody does! You just have to have a little patience, avoid your regular nail polishes (if you put it on a coloured polish, it'll come off on the OPI brush which means it leaves colour in the clear nail polish) and watch the magic happen! Yes it's a little pricey and when I accidentally smashed my bottle a couple of months ago, I promised I wouldn't spend another £18ish but less than a week I'd given in and brought a new one... it's just that good!

(About 9 or 10 days difference) 

Would love to know if anyone else has used it and what you think or any other tips to help nail growth so be sure to Tweet me @MsSarahJack and for more #NOTD photos, follow me on Instagram too!


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