Cabella Christmas Event Nottingham

I've mentioned Cabella a few times in previous blog posts for various reasons but I was lucky enough to FINALLY visit Dannica and her team at Cabella on Saturday night in Nottingham for their Christmas event. The team also amazingly kickstarted our fundraising for our challenge next year for Bone Cancer Research Trust ( by selling raffle tickets! 

I was so super excited to finally see the shop in the flesh rather than on Instagram or Facebook and it's safe to say Dannica's hard work and determination was so very worth it! 

From the most beautiful little shop down retro feeling walk way in the heart of Nottingham, the Cabella team do everything from Make Overs and Gel Nails, to make up school tutorials and parties in your home! The girls can offer a variety of make overs from a full makeover, or just a beautiful smokey eye... and don't forget the Velour Eyelashes! (I'm desperate to get the mirror and dressing table for my bedroom... Are you listening Santa?) 

Cabella also offers a wide variety of the cutest little gifts such as body milks, soaps, body butters and jellys, lip balms and THE most adorable make up bags EVER!  It's impossible to walk in and come out bag-less when the products available are so retro and are vintage-Kelloggs themed! 

I was so excited to see everything after looking at their stock online for so long and it's safe to say that I picked up a few bits and bobs including the large make up bag which is perfect for carrying my iPad and a magazine or notebook when travelling or at work, a beautiful Cherry Tartlet scented candle and a cute little Kelloggs themed, mandarin and lemon flavoured lipbalm which I've already used repeatedly! I also definitely picked up some decor inspiration and ideas from the layout of the walls and photos and even the brilliantly fitting furniture. 

If you're in Nottingham, definitely pop in to take a look and you may end up making a few cheeky purchases like myself - or even just to have a look at the stunning shop itself. 

My Mum, friends and I had a lovely evening sipping champagne and mulled wine while catching up and it's safe to say that the Cabella Christmas Trees definitely got us feeling rather festive.... Now, what else can I ask Santa for from Cabella? 

Be sure to follow Cabella on Facebook and Instagram for tips and tricks when putting your make up on or for inspired looks and check out their website for their make over packages and online shop:


  1. I LOVE the decor!! And those cosmetic bags are too cute! xx

    1. I want this as my bedroom.. it's just so... aaaah! I love it! The make up bags were on sale over the weekend and Dannica regularly holds sales online so keep an eye ;) I brought the big one purely for holding iPad and notepad etc. I love it but Mum won't let me have it 'til Christmas :( x

  2. Oh my now cute are those little Bath Milk cartons! I must have one!


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