My 2014 #OOTD favourites

Already done a hair of the year and beauty favs of 2014 blog posts so thought I'd take a look back at my favourite outfits of the year... and make me feel depressed as I can't now fit in the earlier ones! 

My first outfit (doing this in date order - ish) was a black jumpsuit from Topshop - really basic but I loved it. Infact I loved it so much I brought it in a size 16 when I was normally a 12 and my girls had to safety pin me in on our night out.. even then it was still too big! Unfortnately now it's actually too small... 2015 aim is to be able to get back into it.  

 Still skinny and blonde (with a dodgy half up hair style albeit) - brought this little croptop from Topshop in the sale and simple skirt from Primark - again, for a girlie night out (you may start to see a pattern!) 

Not a girly night out, but first weekend away with the boy back in March. Brought this dress for £3 from Primark and it's just so cute and summery. At the mo I can't wear it without leggins/tights as it's not as long as it used to be since I put on a few pounds but it's still great with leggins. These shoe boots were £5 from New Look and again, too big so had to stuff the front with cotton wool... Something's telling me I need to start buying things that fit! 

No longer blonde! The annual work (at my old job) Ball. Really couldn't decide on what kind of dress I wanted to wear as I'd been so busy I'd not had a chance to shop. I managed to get this lovely white maxi dress from a Next Clearance store for £20. The photo's not great but it's got a lovely sheer lace neck. This was a great night, emotional as it was also my last day at the job and also in Nottingham but was lovely to see all my workies together one last time, particularly my 2 favourite ladies <3 

Same outfit as earlier but with the addition of this cute little sleeveless denim jacket and a pair of sandals. We chose possibly the hottest day of summer do spend hours queuing outside of Wembley and hours standing on the pitch when we went to the Capital Summertime Ball. It's safe to say we were a bit red betime we left! Also had a flowery headband on which I believe may have a cheeky appearance in the Year in Hair Blog! 

Possibly one of my favourite outfits of the year (and not because I'm still skinny and have a tan)! Had a great holiday in Bulgaria and one of my gorg girlies Jen who runs her own little business, Cordelia (, made me this AWESOME t-shirt (she clearly knows I take too many selfies!). I really struggled to find a nice pair of shorts this year but found 2 nice pairs in New Look that I lived in while on holiday.

The final outfit for this year is my Birthday night outfit which is this cute little long sleeved Playsuit from Miss Selfridge. I just loved the light fabric and texture with the bow on the front! Had that annoying moment though when I went back a few days later and it was half price.. it's also still currently half price in a few Miss Selfridges too so I know it's still available. I've worn it a few times now and it's great for those occasions where you want to get dressed up in the colder months! 

So there you have it.. my favourite wardrobes of 2014! Was super hard to pick as I'm a total shoppaholic and have FAR too many clothes but these were the ones that I had good memories in too! 

Tweet me links to your own favourite outfits of this year <3

In the mean time.. HAPPY 2015! 


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