My 2014's Top Beauty Picks

As it's coming to the end of the year, I'm doing the typical "favourites" blog posts.. Already done a "year in hair" post ( so of course there's going to be a beauty one and later a fashion one and a general product one with all of my favourite 2014 products and outfits. 

This year I've been through so many new beauty products whether it's hair products, make up or skincare products and working in a Boots Store rather than Head Office for the first time gives me first looks at the new products available and it's easier (and more dangerous) to access them and purchase a few cheeky treats! 

This is the first year I've avoided the sunbeds (apart from just before my jollies) so I've had to find a new foundation and finally learn how to use a fake tan properly on almost a daily basis! 

Make Up 
Over the last few months I've jumped on the eyebrow bandwagon and finally became a grown woman who makes the effort to look after those arches - I picked up a few products a while back but the No7 Eyebrow Pencil is what I use on a daily basis and will be repurchasing for a very long time! While we're on the subject of No7 (I work for Boots, ok?), I'm loving their new No7 Shadow Pencil range - I barely use eyeshadows anymore and have already brought 2 of these over the last few months as I use it so regularly. It's perfect for a smokey eye! Finally for the No7 cart, their Beautifully Matte foundation is possibly one of the best foundations I've ever used. I have oily skin which is milk bottle pale and this is the most suitable foundation for my skin I've ever had. 

I also finally ditched my shimmery OTT contouring kit (that tbh, wasn't probably meant for contoring) and brought the Seventeen Define and Contour kit which is just amazing - it's definitely one of the most rated contour kits that I read about before purchasing and one of the best fivers I've spent in 2014. 

This year Rimmel launched their new Kate Moss range and I had a lippie years ago which I lost and never bothered replacing but when they brought our this berry colour (a lot darker than it looks in the picture) it was the perfect Autumn/Winter option!  


If you've read my "year in hair" post, you'll know the damage I've done to it and how battered it was left after I was blonde until earlier in 2014 so I've ended up trying (and normally chucking away) so many hair products to try and sort it out and get it back to some form of decency! But I must say out of all of the products I've used, there's only a select few that I know for a fact I'll repurchase over and over again! 

Fleur De Force mentioned the Pantene breakage defence shampoo and conditioner set in a recent favourites vlog and I must say how surprised I am - I rarely change my shampoo and conditoner (infact, I haven't done in years!) as I get so used to one and it's rare I find one I like as my hair's so thick and mane-like so I'm gobsmacked how much I've loved using the range the last couple of months - really has changed my hair for the best!

This year I've lost interest in curling or straightening my hair and gone for the more natural look and let it dry naturally but after reading about the Got2B 4 day straight hair spray I've been straightening my hair a lot more but there's been no damage whatsoever - I'll also be blogging about this one separately as it's a newbie to the hair collection! 

Finally, a favourite for the last few years but a life changer nonetheless, the Lee Stafford Blow Dry Faster spray cuts my hair drying time in at least half! 

Like my hair, I'm constantly battling with my nails after taking off my acryllics in April so OPI Nail Envy has been a life saver - quite literally! I've been through 2 bottles of the stuff this year and it's amazing - I did a blog post about this a couple of months ago (!
I finally lost my Essie-ginity this year and picked up Essie's Sole Mate earlier in the Autumn and this has been my AW14 colour of choice! 

So that's my 2014 round up of favourites in my beauty drawers! Nothing fancy or expensive but I do love a simple product that's budget friendly (and normally available in Boots easily viewed between my office door and the exit!) 

As always, Tweet me your similar blogposts as I'd love to see what I've missed out on in 2014 and to try out in 2015! 

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  1. I love the Kate Moss line my favorite red lipstick is from that line (: I've also tried some more stuff from No7 that I have really liked (: overall looks like you had a great year for beauty!


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