What I got for Christmas & The Christmas Festivities

I'm one of those people who's an absolute kid when it comes to Christmas.. I get so excited, like ridiculously excited and, like this year already, you shouldn't be surprised if I start crying when it's all over. So yes, it's that time where I'm feeling the Christmas-blues and looking through all the wonderful pressies I've got and through all the festive photos I've taken over the last week! <3 

(Ain't no Nigella but made some Red Velvet muffins)

This year was my first Christmas away from home after moving out and away from Nottingham earlier in the year but I loved having my Mum arrive Christmas eve and stay for a couple of nights.. really was lovely to be able to just chill out, have a few bottles of wine and enjoy Christmas. It was great just being able to chill out in the pub we live above and having no need to rush around and with boxes full of food, it's safe to say some over indulging has been done! Plus everyone epically spoilt me this year... 

In love with my new Michael Kors purse - not normally a pink person but it's just beautiful and possibly my favourite gift under the tree! A couple of non-surprises but still great nonetheless, a brilliant large make up bag from my favourite Boutique, Cabella, in Nottingham which I'm already using a book and iPad bag (thanks girls for the idea - so great to be able to keep everything in one place). Gucci is my absolute favourite perfume but it's not very often I buy it for myself as it's a bit price however after running out a month or so ago, I'd forgotten how much I love this perfume! 

Also got a couple of Books including Zoella's "Girl Online" and "Get Rich Blogging" (remind me if it works I owe my Dad and Step Mum!). Have to admit, already about a quarter of the way through and picked up quite a few hints and tips - definitely recommend to newbies to the blogging scene like me! 

Clearly people know me well as I got a lovely little Yankee Candle set as well as a large one which I have burning as I type.. I'm a bit of a candle-holic so a Candle post may be heading your way! 
I can't decide if people think I can't cook or I can cook well as I got 3 cook books including Antonio Carluccio's pasta book... Carluccios is my favourite restaurant so I'm looking forward to making some of his meals from my very own kitchen. 
Jack Wills have come back into my life quite a lot over the last few months so these cute lipbalms and nail files will go cutely on my dressing table! 

Speaking of dressing tables, my Grandparents brought me this wonderful Dressing table organiser which will go perfectly with my white dressing table! I feel a Make Up Storage blog post coming up! 

I'm sure a couple of new editions to the dressing table will be my new Sarah necklace from my Brother and Sister and my gorgeous rose-gold bracelet (and headphones) - the bracelet I knew about but it's just so cute and as a rose-gold... shall we say enthusiast? ... I'm loving them! 

With our year long 3000 mile challenge looming, some new Nike Gym gear was more than appreciated! Definitely gives me the motivation to get out jogging or back in the gym after the Christmas food and drink fest! And like everyone, a diet and detox is certainly in order and I finally got my hands on a box of Your Tea's Anti-C tea to help get rid of cellulite... My life has already been changed by the Tiny Tea which you may have read about on here a few months ago so I'm so excited to kick start the Anti-C Tea! 

These are the some of best picks of my Santa sack It really has been the most wondeful time of the year and I've had the very best time chillaxing with my new books, a glass of bubbly and my new Soap and Glory onesie... yes, Soap and Glory do onesies now! Thank you to all my family for making it so special and the lovely people on Twitter and the Blogersphere who made me feel so festive! 

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and I'd love to see what everyone else received from Santa under the tree so be sure to Tweet me your links! 

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