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I'm far too obsessed with Instagram - a photo never goes on Facebook or Twitter without the special Instagram treatment and the feeling of achievement when I recently reached 350 followers (pretty pathetic compared to others I know) was unreal!

If you like photos of food tips and tricks, guinea pigs, make up and shopping hauls, #OOTDs, #FOTDs, #HOTDs, gym stuff and a few too many selfies, hop on over to Insta and follow me: MsSarahJack :)

January Sale Shopping!

I've seen a few other sale shopping blogs around and I've loved looking what everyone bagged in the sales this year.. I don't know if it's just me but I've found that I couldn't find as much as I normally do in the sales? Maybe that's just me and I'm unlucky.. more than likely! But thought I'd do a little post as to what I bagged myself over the last few weeks... 
Soap and Glory Onesie.. yes, apparently now S&G do onesies and it's so flipping comfy, it's not making getting out of bed easy in the morning. Half price at just £14! 

Again from Boots, picked up a cute little Laura Ashley measuring jug as since we moved house, I never brought one so I always have to guess using wine or pint glasses. Super cute for £5. 

This year was the first year I didn't get a diary for Christmas and when I went into Boots on Christmas day they only had 2 left.. luckily the design is lovely and for a fiver, it's really nice inside too. 
My Nan…

Make Up Revolution: Worth the hype?

I keep seeing so much hype around the new range Make Up Revolution from Superdrug and despite saying I wouldn't, I caved and ended up hitting the shelves and purchasing a few bits to try.

Firstly - oh my god.. HOW CHEAP! The price won me over in the first instinct and with a lot of items being £1-£4, I tried to stock up on something from all areas. I was SO excited to try everything after seeing so many amazing reviews but, and I know this is going to probably lose me a fair few followers, but I think I'm possibly the only person on the planet who was a bit disappointed. Not hugely disappointed, but enough! 
I'll start with the bad and end with the good.. Firstly, the foundation. Now I know with it being so cheap I shouldn't have expected miracles.. but I did! Everyone was raving about it so when I put it on and it barely covered my skin and didn't make a difference, I was gutted. It was the first product I'd tried so it really put me off everything else. I wen…

#ShrewsburySunday: The Perfect Saturday Night

Introducing #ShrewsburySunday to the blog purely after having the very best night last night! 
Everyone says the best nights are the spontaneous last minute ones and they really are right! Nick came back from a busy day at work and I'd seen on Facebook that a bar in town we'd never been to were doing happy hour cocktails so we booked a taxi and managed to get from gym kit to going out kit in 25 minutes... possibly a new record! 
We'd never been to Havana Republic before so didn't know where it was or what it was like.. all I knew was that they had a Happy Hour and a live singer so I was sold. We got there an immediately the Mexican vibe and atmosphere warms you and excites you. Despite being a little disappointed that there was only 2 cocktails available on Happy hour and not really being a fan of either, the cocktails that we did treat ourselves too were loooovely! Anyone who knows me knows I'm a sucker for some groovy drinks glasses (or cans in this case) so I w…


So a couple of years ago, I was stalking Instagram (c'mon, we all do it) and on my Explorer/Suggested page, a photo came up of a c-yooouuuu-te tie-dye t-shirt that I NEEDED in my life. It was a Nirvana one and immediately imagined myself wearing it to jazz up my gym outfit or generally look pretty cool! So I clicked on this "Cordelia" person's profile and started scrolling through her photos until I came to a photo of a computer in a call centre with her name badge on the top... but wait a second.. I recognised the style of the name badge and realised that (who I now found out wasn't called Cordelia) Jen sat in the same office of the same call centre as I did.
Don't worry, I didn't walk up and down the aisles to find her.. I'm not that much of a stalker.. but I did drop her an email and say hi! At the time I was doing Bows and Hearts, my own little "off the kitchen table" business which I've already blogged about and invited her to a su…

My Golden Globe Favourites

The Golden Globes seem to have taken over the internet at the moment and I keep seeing all the lovely dresses plastered all over Twitter and the Daily Mail website! There's so many dresses I'd love to have in my wardrobe (along with the body to fit them) so thought I'd do just a little post with my favourites!
First Up, Sienna Miller and Jennifer Aniston (who have both been slated quite a lot) and Kate Bosworth. All of these dresses are to die for (not sure about Jen's leg slip but the rest of it is nice!) but Kate's in particular is possibly my favourite of the Golden Globes! 

Melissa McCarthy, who again has had quite a lot of slack for her outfit, I thought looked really glam. I love the scarf and shirt combo. Her hair and make up looked gorgeous too. Lorde had a couple of outfits on but both of them were really trendy and not too over the top which I quite liked! What I'd give for a stomach like hers! 

Lorde again in pretty much the same crop top on as prev…

Boots No7 Vouchers

It's that time again when Boots are dishing out No7 vouchers when you spend £5 or more in store. These vouchers are so flipping useful... as well as dangerous. (I think my record of how many times I've brought something, got a voucher, spent it, got another, spent it, got another.... is 6 times - woops!) and if, like me, you work for Boots, you know that a little bit of discount goes a long way! 

If you don't know about the No7 vouchers at Boots (firstly.. where have you been), but when you spend £5 in store, you get a voucher which gives you £3 off make up and £5 off skincare. There's so many products I've brought with them to try when first launched, particularly the mascaras, BB  Lip balms and lip stains as well as new shades in eyeshadows over the years but there's always those products that I make sure I stock up on each time! I've, as always, brought quite a few bits and pieces this time round so I thought I'd let you into the secrets as to the p…

Rimmel: Brow This Way Review

I recently put in my 2014 beauty picks that 2014 was the year I finally learnt about brows and started making more of an effort on them! I've always used the No7 Eyebrow pencil as it was easy and the brush (don't know the technical name) was brilliant for making them look good! 
But the other week I was scanning the Rimmel shelves in Boots as it there was a 3 for 2 on and I stumbled across the new brow gel; Brow This Way! I'd seen it mentioned in a magazine but I'd not seen anyone blog about it so I didn't know much about it or how to use it or whether it was even any good! 
The first time I tried it I made a mess and ended up stabbing my eyebrow and smearing it across my forehead so it's safe to say it can take a while to get used to until you get a bit of a tactic. But after a few attempts, I learnt that if you use the nib of the mascara-style brush to do a bit of an outline first, it's easier to fill it in with the body of the brush! It's also wise …

Product Sale!

Today's been one of those horrible rainy days where you don't want to leave and just want to stay in your PJs all day so I ended up clearing out my whole dressing tables and beauty storage boxes. After a good 2 or 3 hours, I had a whole bag of stuff I was going to throw away - stuff that's literally sat in boxes, some having never been used! I've seen so many great product sales on blogs before so thought I'd give it ago. It's all a bit random but there may be something you like ;) 
50% of prices will go towards the money we're raising for Bone Cancer Research Trust. If you're not aware, I'll be taking part in a year long 3000 mile challenge for BCRT with good friend, Luke, in memory of my little sister, Caroline, and Luke's Brother, Thomas! You can read more about it and get involved by seeing the below: 
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