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It's that time again when Boots are dishing out No7 vouchers when you spend £5 or more in store. These vouchers are so flipping useful... as well as dangerous. (I think my record of how many times I've brought something, got a voucher, spent it, got another, spent it, got another.... is 6 times - woops!) and if, like me, you work for Boots, you know that a little bit of discount goes a long way! 

If you don't know about the No7 vouchers at Boots (firstly.. where have you been), but when you spend £5 in store, you get a voucher which gives you £3 off make up and £5 off skincare. There's so many products I've brought with them to try when first launched, particularly the mascaras, BB  Lip balms and lip stains as well as new shades in eyeshadows over the years but there's always those products that I make sure I stock up on each time! I've, as always, brought quite a few bits and pieces this time round so I thought I'd let you into the secrets as to the products that come out with the best value... and generally a look into how I spend mine ;) 

First up - WIPES! Yep, the No7 Beautiful Skin wipes are great for taking off make up or generally having in your bag! After the voucher, they work out at just £2! Yep, £2! Amazing I know. I always struggle to spend the skincare vouchers as the skincare is a little more expensive than the make up so it's normally make up vouchers that go first. But if I have any vouchers at the end of the month I normally end up with about 7 or 8 packets of wipes. I wouldn't pay the full £7 for them but for £2, they're so handy to keep on my desk, in my bag or stashed away with a collection under my dressing table! Biggest bargain of No7 methinks. 

The No7 Foundations are a bit pricer than normal foundations like Rimmel or whatnot what the vouchers help bring it down to their price band and as I'm an avid user of No7 foundations including the Beautifully Matte and the mousse foundation, it's always handy to pick one up with a make up voucher.

Men's shaving gel... yes.. men's! It's only a couple of quid after the £5 skincare voucher and it's as good as any women's shaving gel that's for sure. It doesn't even smell that man-ly so who cares - no one has to know!

I'd never thought about this until a few months ago but you can get a brilliant Make Up brush for just £3 or £4 with the vouchers (even the eyelashes are great for £4) - I recently purchased the eye contour brush as I kept seeing all the hype about similar brushes from Mac etc. I've never used the Mac or Zoeva eye contour brush but I'm definitely more than happy with my No7 one! 

No7 nail polishes have always been a favourite and they work out at just £3/4 with a make up voucher and as there's always a new colour, shade or texture polish, it's a great way to try the new ones - and if you don't like them, you've not spent as much money as you could've! 

I recently discovered that No7 do a small range of self tan products including the Face gradual tan which is just £4 after a skincare voucher. Brilliant for these winter months and doesn't have that sweet/cakey smell that other tans do.

My final little No7 treat is again, something that's quite handy just to pick up for your desk or hand bag and it's the Protect and Perfect Hand Cream which is just £5.50 after the voucher. The bottle size isn't too big either so it's great for carrying around with you!

If you're a No7-aholic like me, let me know what products you use your vouchers on!


  1. Love this post! I always get the vouchers but never know what to spend them on! I think I'm definitely getting some of the No 7 face wipes! xxx


    1. I always end up with loads in the bottom of my bag and screwed up in my purse so the wipes are a definite for me! :) <3


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