So a couple of years ago, I was stalking Instagram (c'mon, we all do it) and on my Explorer/Suggested page, a photo came up of a c-yooouuuu-te tie-dye t-shirt that I NEEDED in my life. It was a Nirvana one and immediately imagined myself wearing it to jazz up my gym outfit or generally look pretty cool! So I clicked on this "Cordelia" person's profile and started scrolling through her photos until I came to a photo of a computer in a call centre with her name badge on the top... but wait a second.. I recognised the style of the name badge and realised that (who I now found out wasn't called Cordelia) Jen sat in the same office of the same call centre as I did.

Don't worry, I didn't walk up and down the aisles to find her.. I'm not that much of a stalker.. but I did drop her an email and say hi! At the time I was doing Bows and Hearts, my own little "off the kitchen table" business which I've already blogged about and invited her to a summer market I was organising for the office! We got chatting and clearly we had no work to do as emailed too much about clothes and fashion and businesses... and David Beckham!

ANYWAY... So yes, I found out that Jen personalises t-shirts and makes slogan T's from her own flat and ran a cute little website and Instagram!

(Hands up if we need this T bloggers!)

Jen spends her free time making t-shirts and running possibly one of my favourite Instagram accounts with OOTDs, fashion ideas and a number of beautiful selfies! But it's her T-shirts that have attracted thousands of followers and likes on both Insta and Facebook!

It only took a couple of weeks to get my mitts on THAT t-shirt and believe me, it's been one of my favourite Gym tops to jazz up a boring pair of joggers ever since! 

In 2014, the world went Selfie crazy and Jen brought out (what I believe is) one of her most requested and most popular T-shirts yet - queue the music.... LET ME TAKE A SELFIE! Jen's Insta was a craze of customer selfies in these beauts so with a holiday looming, I HAD to get one for the suitcase. Jen's wonderful in the way of customising a T for you, whether you want studs, glitter, various colours.. she's ya gal! 

(I NEED this tan back!) 

You can order your T-shirts online using the website below or find her in various little stockist shops around the country (see her Facebook or website for more info). Prices are so decent at anywhere up to about 25 quid and with % discounts from time to time and the t-shirts being such good quality, it's really affordable. 

I also want to say a HUGE thank you to Jen for making us these personalised T-shirts for our 3000 mile challenge to wear in the gym to get people involved and aware of what we're doing! You really do have the kindest heart! <3 

(Had to add this photo of my champagne drinking buddy on my last night in Nottingham!)

As well as collaborating with other fashionista's to set up their own Fashion line, Jen's now joined the blogging world and has teamed up with various other bloggers (how she fits it all in I'll never know) so be sure to give her a follow, and take a look at her website/Instagram for fashion ideas or to purchase a new wardrobe essential! <3 

(There's probably more.. I can never keep up!) 

So yeah, that's Jen, go stalk her like I did! 

Disclaimer - not being sponsored or paid for this blog etc etc, I just love Jen and wanted to say thank you! 



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