January Sale Shopping!

I've seen a few other sale shopping blogs around and I've loved looking what everyone bagged in the sales this year.. I don't know if it's just me but I've found that I couldn't find as much as I normally do in the sales? Maybe that's just me and I'm unlucky.. more than likely! But thought I'd do a little post as to what I bagged myself over the last few weeks... 


Soap and Glory Onesie.. yes, apparently now S&G do onesies and it's so flipping comfy, it's not making getting out of bed easy in the morning. Half price at just £14! 

Again from Boots, picked up a cute little Laura Ashley measuring jug as since we moved house, I never brought one so I always have to guess using wine or pint glasses. Super cute for £5. 

This year was the first year I didn't get a diary for Christmas and when I went into Boots on Christmas day they only had 2 left.. luckily the design is lovely and for a fiver, it's really nice inside too. 

My Nan came shopping with me and got me some cinnamon smelling cute little tealight candles as they were only £1.50 for a pack of 6.

Anyone know hows me knows I'm such a granny and love a good pair of slippers/thick socks/house boots so I picked up a cute little pair of slipper socks as well as a pair of slipper boots for £5 for both!

Remember I put the Jack Wills body spray in my Dupe post a few weeks ago? I managed to bag the whole Jack Wills body sprays in the set for just £3! 

Finally from Boots I picked up a Malibu cocktail set for £5 and some huge gold chocolate coins for £1 each for stocking fillers for Christmas number 2 at my Dads... then forgot to take them to Nottingham so have had to eat them myself ;) 

New Look: 

I used to be the biggest headband person until a couple of years ago and used to wear them all the time but recently, I think I grew out of a phase.. until I went on the New Look website that is. They had some really cute headbands (and a velvet bow) for £2, £2.50 and £3! 

Gym Stuff:

For Christmas my boyfriend's lovely Grandparents got me a H&M voucher - I rarely go in H&M but I went in and had no idea they did their own huge range of gym clothing. Picked up this lovely light weight pink gym top to add a bit of colour for just £7! 

My big aim for 2015 is to get fit as well as losing weight and I've seen on a few blogs about walking with dumbell weights so I went into Sports Direct (who are cheap as chips anyway) and picked up 2 2kg dumbells for £4 each. 

I braved Jack Wills in Nottingham in the New Year and picked up this Jack Wills water bottle for about £3 and it's already been used relentlessly in the gym and while out running! 

I keep seeing on TV this advert about Fabletics and I've always thought it was a bit of a con but when I saw a friend put about it on Facebook I thought I'd give it ago! So flipping glad I did.. got a whole gym outfit (apart from trainers) for £26 - a bit of a con as the advert says £22 but I guess I did get a new sports bra and headband too. It's taking forever to come through the post but hoping it's here in the next few days. 

Finally for the gym gear, picked up a new pair of joggers for £5 from TK Maxx - I normally go for running tights or tight fitted joggers but actually found these a lot more comfortable as they're a bit baggier! 


The last few times I've looked in the Tesco clothes sale it's been a bit of a mess and there's mainly coats and jumpers but when I went in a couple of days ago, managed to find this pair of cute lightweight flowery patterned trousers! I do love a good pair of pattern pants! Better than half price at £10! 

Over the next few weeks got quite a few birthdays or girlie nights out so thought I'd treat myself to a new address. The only reason I found this was because I was trying to build up to a certain amount as I wanted to buy a camera and if you spend £200 you pay nothing for a year... turns out that camera aren'y included but hey, still managed to get the dress! It's not arrived yet so may not fit but it looks so cute I couldn't not add it (so apologies for nicked photo from Very!)

And finally... my favourite purchase of the last month or so... possibly an all time favourite. A Teddy Bear Coat from Topshop! I'd been looking at it for 2 weeks in Outfit next door to where I work and for some reason when it was £40 I kept putting it down or putting it back before I'd got to the till but then... one day... It was reduced again! £30. YES. They only had 1 size now and it was slightly too short in the arms but oh my days, so worth it! I love wearing really long sleeves so it looks quite good with the coat! It's so comfy I'm not gonna lie, I fell asleep on the train the other night and nearly missed my stop. It's really cosy and comfy, great size pockets and goes with jeans/leggins/tights you name it! Absolutely in love with it and the perfect coat for the Winter!


Thats the end of my spending for a while now we're saving up for a holiday but I'm so chuffed with the bargains I managed to get at Boots and with my coat especially!

Would love to know what I've missed out on so Tweet me links to your sale blog posts :)


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