My Golden Globe Favourites

The Golden Globes seem to have taken over the internet at the moment and I keep seeing all the lovely dresses plastered all over Twitter and the Daily Mail website! There's so many dresses I'd love to have in my wardrobe (along with the body to fit them) so thought I'd do just a little post with my favourites!

First Up, Sienna Miller and Jennifer Aniston (who have both been slated quite a lot) and Kate Bosworth. All of these dresses are to die for (not sure about Jen's leg slip but the rest of it is nice!) but Kate's in particular is possibly my favourite of the Golden Globes! 

Melissa McCarthy, who again has had quite a lot of slack for her outfit, I thought looked really glam. I love the scarf and shirt combo. Her hair and make up looked gorgeous too. Lorde had a couple of outfits on but both of them were really trendy and not too over the top which I quite liked! What I'd give for a stomach like hers! 

Lorde again in pretty much the same crop top on as previous but again, if I had the stomach for it, I'd kill for this outfit! I have never been a bit fan of yellow but with the dark blonde hair, red lips and beaut tan, Taylor Swift is actually converting me. 

I kept seeing photos of J-Lo and despite her having 4 different outfits, I didn't like any of them however she does win my "hotd" award and despite being so basic, I have epic levels of hair envy! 

Just a little post but it's giving me "abspiration" to get in the gym and hair ideas for the spring and summer! If you've done a Golden Globe post, Tweet me the links so I can see your favourites! <3 


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