#FoodFriday: The Favourites

I keep scrolling through my photos on my phone and I swear that about 87.6% of them are food! And I've not done a #FoodFriday for a couple of months so after doing my fitness post earlier in the week, I'd do a little post about my healthier options and my the new favourites that are landing on our table!

One of my all time favourite places to eat is Carluccios - 9/10 times I have the spicy sausage pasta and I've never really given anything else ago so for Christmas my Mum got me a Antonio Carluccio pasta cook book! I can't remember if I've ever posted about my basil pesto chicken pasta but I found a recipe that's really similar! Pretty basic, quick, relatively healthy and it's easy to change around to take out/add ingredients to your liking: 
Pasta (I changed the pasta to a wholemeal pasta so it was healthier) 
Diced Chicken 
Basil Pesto 
The trick is it to use a couple of teaspoons of basil pesto instead of sauce! ;) So easy! 

Because I've been going to the gym most nights after work, betime I've got back and had a shower etc, I'm only wanting something quick to make and really easy to eat! So, as gross as it looks and sounds, a 2 minute in the Mic Uncle Ben's Tomato and Basil rice with half a can of tuna is so super quick and actually really tasty. Definitely one of my most made meals at night! 

For Christmas I got Nick a Nandos sauce set and even though I can only just handle Lemon and Herb and I'm the wimpiest person when it come to spice, I've been using them quite a lot! Infact the Lemon and Herb one ran out last night. My favourite is slicing a large chicken breast in half, soaking it in the sauce for half hour or so then fry them! To crisp them up I add a little paprika on each side. Great with some skinny fries and/or again, Uncle Ben's rice - they do a great mixed veg one too! 

A popular breakfast option the last few weeks has been a mug of Tiny Tea or Anti C Tea from Your Tea depending on what order I end up doing them that day from, along with a bowl of fat free vanilla or greek yoghurt, berries (particularly raspberries, blueberries and strawberries) sprinkled with gluten free Chocolate granola! Mmmmhmmm! 

Again, another cheat meal! Tesco's pre-made Pasta Tortellini parcels - They do a few versions but I'm in love with the sausage and ham, and the basil pesto (basil seems to be cropping up a lot in this post... only just realised I clearly have an addiction to it!). It's so easy, cook it for 6 minutes in boiling water and boom, done! The first couple of times I've added a Tesco pasta sauce that's in the fridge next to it but the last time I made it I added chopped tomatoes and peppers which had been simmered down in a smaller pan to make a kinda covering sauce! 

Ok so not a healthy option (apart from the Strawberries) but adding this to remind myself that I can't give up on my Mary Berry ambition! I love making cakes from scratch and I find it really theraputic but I was in a rush a couple of weeks ago when Mum was coming up for her birthday so I brought one of the Betty Crocker mixes where you just add eggs and water and omg, tasted amazing! So much better than what I can make from scratch! At the mo the packs are 2 for £4 in Tesco and you can mix and match with frosting! This chocolate fudge one is just beaaaaaut! 

Back to healthy options and another breakfast meal! Well, breakfast/snacking all morning meal! Along with a cuppa Tiny Tea! Great just for grazing at work when I arrive and saves me having to get up earlier to eat it at home. 

Finally, one of my favourite weekend treats - home made paninis! They're so great as you can add whatever you want and Tesco do some really nice wholemeal panini rolls! Anyone who knows me knows my absolute favourite food is a Costa Coffee tuna melt but as much as I try to recreate it I can never get it the same! Just a simple tuna with mayo, some cheese... and of course basil pesto... and shove it in the panini machine for 10 minutes! 

So yeah, just a few of my favourites and just a few ideas for a couple of healthier options and what I've been scoffing on lately. If you're trying to be healthy, would love to see other posts with food ideas. :) 


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