Granny Takes A Dip!

I admit, I've never really been a Lush fan.. no, let me correct that. Not "not a fan" but it's never been something that's really bothered me, I don't really like taking baths and I'm definitely a jump in the shower and get out as soon as possible type person! 

HOWEVER! The last couple of months I've been reading more blog posts about the products and watched one too many Zoella Lush halls! I'd went in just to have a nose a few weeks ago and thought I'd try out a hand cream or body lotion or something but got chatting to the lovely lady, Sam, in the Telford branch of Lush. I explained that I wanted to try something that worked on relaxing muscles due to how much time I'm spending in the gym while doing out 3000 mile charity challenge and she suggested a few bits and pieces that would be best for using after a big work out. I knew that yesterday we had a big event and I'd be knackered by the end of it so I saved my 2nd ever bath bomb, Granny takes a dip, until last night! 

Of course the candles came out and the laptop was propped up on a chair with the Big Bang Theory playing next to a bottle of cider! 

The colour was sooo pretty and I was mesmorised by it as it fizzed around the bath leaving a gorgeous colour trail behind it! The smell was incredible and the bath water was a lush pink colour!

I'm genuinely not sure how much it helped my muscles but I hurt that much I'm not sure it could've helped it 100% after the nearly 30 miles on an exercise bike in 6 hours! But for how quickly I got to sleep and how well I slept through the night, I'll definitely be spending another £3.35 on it again purely for how pretty it looked and how amazing it smelt! 

If you have any other Lush recommendations or blog posts, pleeeease Tweet me links! <3 


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