Instax Mini 8 Camera

A few people have commented on some of my recent Instagram Photos about some polaroid photo's I've recently taken and even though I've had my Instax Mini 8 Polaroid style Camera since November for my birthday, I've not really mentioned it before or blogged about it! Better late than never, right?

Last Summer when I was in London I saw some Japanese girls with these funky looking cameras that were producing Polaroid prints - one had a light blue camera and one had a baby pink one! They were giggling and comparing photos of London scenery and I thought that it was a great little toy that really brought back that retro feel from the olden days. I kept thinking that I should've gone up to them and asked them what they were as I looked around PC World and couldn't see anything similar. But in October I was watching a Zoella Vlog where she was using one and I finally learnt what it was called and a bit more about them.

I spent a bit of time (for the first time ever) researching about it before saying I was 100% sure about getting one and watching Youtube videos showing how to use them etc pretty much convinced me straight away that I needed one in my life. I'd hinted and hinted and hinted to Nick that I wanted one and reeeeeally hoped that he'd get me one for my birthday in November. The poor guy thought he was being clever when instead of the camera he got me the Instax Printer that you can connect to an App on your phone and print photos directly off of there. But due to having a pants Windows phone with even more pant apps, it wasn't compatible. We went to return the printer to Jessops and buy the camera but without his paper work we couldn't exchange it. Instead we just brought the camera and kept the printer as we knew we could connect it to Nick's phone anyway.

Aaaaanyway, life story over - that day I was so flipping excited to try it out when we were at the park with the Twins (brother and sister) I didn't bother reading the manual and just tried to remember what was said on Youtube and managed to put the pack of film in the right way first time - be sure to have a read of the instructions on the packet of the film as there's only 1 way to put them in and if you put it in the wrong way, you've lost the whole pack of films. The first attempt we were outside and I close the cloudy setting as it wasn't exactly sunny and it did come out quite pale and faint so I tried the low sun setting and it came out so much better. There are a few different settings, inside, outside but cloudly, outside but kind of sunny and outside and very sunny! It does take some time to get used to how each of them should be used but luckily I've only messed a couple up.

The hardest thing I find is if you're doing a "selfie" style photo with someone, I always end up with it a bit more to the left than to the right and I can never quite get it in the centre but that takes practice and I'll get there eventually. But taking photos directly on to something or someone is as easy as a normal camera. At first I thought you'd have to be quite far away to get something in the picture but actually, they end up being really small so standing closer to the object/person in the photo is definitely a tip worth knowing! It's so much fun and even 5 year olds can work it and take photos with it and I must admit, I get as excited as they do watching the photo pop out the top and seeing it develop. They say it takes about 8 minutes to develop fully but you can see it pretty much within a couple of minutes and it's handy that it's not ink so you've not got to be careful not to smudge it!

The camera itself is not as heavy as I thought it would be and it's really easy to hold due to how it's been shaped. If you're left handed though I can imagine it would be a bit of a pain as the button is on the front of the camera on the right hand side to take a photo. There's so many accessories too floating around on Amazon or eBay that are made for the camera and films themselves and I've ended up picking a few up, normally for just a couple of quid each.

(These are cute little plastic photo holders, in an L shape and you just slit them in the side!)

Just quickly mentioning the printer again - despite it being a lot more expensive at £130, almost double the camera price (£69 on average) it's a snazzy little device that you can by a case for and again travel around with it when you have your mobile phone. The app is really easy to use and you can actually edit the photos before you print them and see what they look like - unlike the camera.

If you're a photo-holic like me and you're never without your camera or phone, this is a great little device that is just something a bit special and a bit different that you can use on those special occasions. Instax had the great idea of selling different style/colour films etc and I've seen some online that all have a birthday or wedding theme background rather than just plain white! I do love the vintage feel of the plain white though so I'll be sticking to those. The films themselves are quite expensive and work out at about £1.50 per photo (£15 per pack of 10) but if you look on eBay they sometimes have good joblot deals which is how I got 2 packs for £12 from China.

The Instax Mini 8 is one version of the camera out of about 7 or 8 different ones by Instax and I honestly think that despite not knowing anyone else with one or seeing one since having it, with them being in Vlogs by Zoella and Saccone Jolys etc then this could be "the next big thing"!


  1. I have the Instax Mini 8 and love it - I just need to get into the habit of using it more xx

    Ioanna |

    1. I always use it on special occasions as it's so expensive to keep buying films! But I am so in love with it! x

  2. These cameras are so cute and quirky. I loved the polaroid back when they first were a big thing
    Reinventing Neesha ♥

  3. I've been wanting one of these little beauty's for a while now, the photos look gorgeous and are so great for keepsakes! X

    Shannon |

  4. What a lovely idea! In the world where nearly everything is digital, it's nice to know there are innovative new products out there to help us make tangible keepsakes of great times! :-)



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