I've joined the Stella and Dot Team!

I've only just mentioned it on Facebook and Twitter as I've been waiting for Mr Postman to deliver my first order and supplies - seriously, it's been like waiting for Christmas! And my birthday. All rolled into one! But I finally want to say that I have officially joined the Stella & Dot Team as an Independent Stylist!

For those who don't know Stella and Dot, they are a fantastic brand who sell the most beautiful jewellery pieces and accessories. They are based in America and offer brilliant opportunities for those who may be want to run a little business on the side of their full time job or busy lives and for those who are fashion lovers like myself. Stella and Dot have been seen in huge mags such as Vogue, Grazia, Elle and many more and have a huge celebrity fan base too including Katy Perry and Jennifer Aniston.

One of my gorgeous girls, Katie, recently told me that she's joined the Stella and Dot family and explained that as a stylist, you can travel around and hold "trunk shows" (like Ann Summers/Avon parties etc) for friends, family or any ladies who are beauty magpies in the comfort of their own homes! As well as doing this for others, you can receive amazing discounts and gifts as a stylist as well as becoming part of a family and community that have already been so amazingly welcoming.

So yeah - let me get down to the bit we're all waiting for! PRODUCTS! You can find the most amazing pieces online or at Trunk Shows with a Stella and Dot stylist and there's something for everyone depending on your style and budget - particularly if you're like me and saving the pennies...

Stella and Dot isn't just a walk in boutique, they give you the perfect experience from chatting to an experienced stylist to pick out the perfect options for you, to having the products beautifully delivered to your door!

I'm so excited to get started and I'm so in love with my first little treats to myself (would be rude not to, eh?) so if you're in the Shropshire, Nottingham or surrounding areas, feel free to drop me and email if you'd like to hold you're very own show from the comfort of you're own living room - it's totally free and you even get a free goodie too!

Be sure to take a look online and if you have a special occasion around the corner or you're sticking to a budget or have a personal style which you'd love to add to, visit my page and let me know what you're looking for to see what we can come up with - http://www.stelladot.co.uk/sites/sarahjack!




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