Meerkat Experience: Hoo Farm, Telford

Not a beauty or fashion post but couldn't not post about the best afternoon I've possible ever had last Friday!

For Christmas I brough Nick a Meerkat Experience off of Groupon for £40 down from £100 and the day finally arrived for us to go meet our new little 4 legged friends. It was like waiting for Christmas as we're both obsessed with Oleg and co and we've both always loved Meerkats.

Firstly, want to say thank you to the guys at Hoo Farm for being so understanding when we turned up late for our appointment and fitting us in despite it being our mistake. 

We got in the Meerkat enclosure area and the lady (wish I'd remembered her name) sat us down in the middle on some logs and started to tell us about the 2 meerkats that proceeded to run all over our laps and around our feet. She was really informative and was brilliant at answering all of my million and one questions and was clearly really passionate about the animals.

The two brothers were hilarious, they were so playful and funny climbing up our arms and sitting on the back of our necks and destroying my bun by thinking there was food in there so digging into it!

My jumper was definitely a main attraction as one of them was trying to rip it to shreds burying into it and even trying to get down the front of it.. cheeky so and so! Eventually he sat down in my arm and relaxed and enjoyed his chin being rubbed... 

The hour we had was so funny, it was brilliant watching them play fight and chase each other around and learn about them.

I'd really recommend keeping an eye on Groupon if you're in the Shropshire area as they do some amazing experiences with different animals too so it's the perfect afternoon for the kids or just an afternoon out with the other half or a friend, I'll definitely be taking my Mum next time she comes to visit!


  1. This looks amazing. Saw your Instagram photos on it. Definitely need to add it to my n places to go list. M xx

  2. Just scrolling through your blog after chatting to you on Twitter and I LOVE Hoo Farm, used to go there all the time when I was little! The Meerkat Experience looks amazing :)

    Hannah xx

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