Spring Wishlist!

There's soooo much I want at the moment - everytime I walk passed a shop window I see something that takes my fancy and I won't lie, I've already been mooching around online for holiday clothes and stuff (3 months in advance but hey ho!) and I've felt quite imspired by some of the things I'm seeing. Plus with the sun out, it's making me think I can't live in jumpers for the rest of my life anymore so after a hunt around, I've come up with my favourite items for Spring and made myself a wishlist...

New Look has always been a favourite of mine for clothes as they do a great Tall range so I've picked out a lovely strapless Maxi dress for those really hot, catching some rays days along with a maxi skirt and a pair of hareen pants! To finish the outfit just some tan, wicker-style slip on shoes and a hat! Not really a hat person as I can never get one to fit my big head but I like the feathers around this one.

Boots.. AH! Where to start.. I just want all the Spring nail polishes going but I've picked a couple of my favourites along with a pink lipstick as I feel red seems to be a bit Christmassy and Wintery so when I've been on the sun bed a few more times (or slapped on the fake tan), a pink lippie will look more Summery! I'm loving the Jimmy Choo Exotic summer fragrance and every time I walk passed it on the way to the office I have a spritz.. not keen on the bottle though. Before Summer comes though I need to get my body ready so I need to invest in something for the feet and for the first time I think I'm gonna prep with some hair/skin/nail vitamins afte reading from a few others that they were great last year! Finally - I hate driving into town for drinks or cocktails while sat in the pub gardens but that means I have to get a bus and I'm not gonna lie, I don't travel well on buses. It took me years to get from one side of Nottingham to the other (5 miles) on a bus without being sick so my trusty travel sickness pills are a must to get me into town. These are great as you can drink with them unlike a lot of them and they don't make you drowsey either!

Always hit MissGuided in the Spring/Summer and this year I'm loving the cute little dresses and their range of kimonos, particularly the longer ones for when you're out all day. I'll do a V Festival wishlist before I go in August but this headband was just right as it's not to over the top but it's enough to stand out for girly days out by the river sipping on Pimms!

Only a couple of things have arrived in the new range in our Topshop and that's the sleevless blazer. I love it in Navy and Grey but they're quite pricey so will just go for 1. Plus I need some new sunnies so have added these to the list.

I've not ventured into Primark yet to have a look at their range however they now have a few images of items online and I've definitely found a few things that I'll be looking for - yes, including a bum bag. I've not had one for years, since I was a kid. But I now find it pointless taking a bag with me as I don't have house keys (the pub we live in is all number codes on doors) so all I take is bank card, phone and a lippie and that's about it so this would be great. Plus it would look ace on a Maxi dress with a kimono over the top!

I shall definitely be buying my favourite Your Tea, the Tiny Tea a month before we go on holiday to have a good "teatox" to give my body one extra push before I leave!

I've never thought about how to make a home more Summery, particularly as we have red carpets and dark red or brown walls in every room (we didn't choose this, fyi!) so it's not very light and airy. However thought these prints were cute for kitchen or bathroom which are cream and blue.

Finally, as you know I love my Stella & Dot pieces so when their new Summer range launched this week I was ready with my order book to bag my favourite pieces. These are just a few of the ones which caught my eye!

Anyway, I've rambled on for more than I intended - Tweet my links to your Spring Wishlists so I can get some inspiration and generally just be nosey! ;)


  1. I want that blazer too from Topshop but I'm too small to pull it off. Good choices.



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