Boots Haul & Holiday Shop!

So with just 7 weeks until my holiday... not that I'm counting... I had some Boots vouchers to use by the weekend so I thought it was the perfect time to get some shopping done.
There's not a huge amount of different items but there were so many great BOGOF/3 for 2/2 for £X deals on it was hard to say no. I love the offers in Boots as it's a great chance to stock up plus when you have your vouchers in the post, it quickly adds up on your Advantage Card.
I had a voucher for buy 2 Soltan get 200 points so this was a must use and the Hawaiian and Magicool  were both on half price! I had a 100 points voucher when you spend £7 on skincare and the wipes were 3 for 2 so double deals going on here. The Lynx body washes, Lynx sprays and VO5 (all of which are for Nick.. I'm a nice GF like that!) along with the Colegate were on a 2 for £x offer.
My favourite voucher though had to be the £5 off a Perfume and with the new Jimmy Choo Exotic (which I've been eyeing up for weeks) being £10 off already, I couldn't resist any longer.
I cheekily did it in 2 transactions as I had 2 500 points when you spend £5 vouchers so altogether I spent £102 (baring in mind the Soltan's are like £9 each and including the bottle of Jimmy Choo perfume and a few other odds and sodds that aren't offer or holiday related eg, tights & powerbars) and not only saved over £37 but gained £17 worth of points!
This is the first time I've properly used my Boots vouchers that I get in the post or from the Boots App but this was perfect timing with so many offers - plus it's getting me excited for my holiday!
What are your holiday must haves that are on your shopping list? Need to make sure I have everything I need.
7 weeks baby, 7 weeks!


  1. Some great holiday shopping ready! Looks great.



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