#FoodFriday: Kayla Itsine Inspired Meals

I put on Twitter a couple of weeks ago that I finally caved and brought the 12 Week Body and Food guides by the super-hot Kayla Itsine! As it was a little on the pricey side for someone who's trying to save for a holiday, I'd debated it for a few weeks but after seeing some amazing before/after photos, I ordered it and downloaded the eBooks.

After 12 weeks I'll do a full blog post on the guides and more about them but I thought I'd share the meals I've made the last week which have been from her guide - I've adapted some of them as I either couldn't find certain ingredients or wanted to make it even healthier... (I'm not going to put Kayla's exact recipe on here as a) it cost me £80 so I'm not giving it out for free and b) there's a disclaimer on it to say not to share).

For the filling I used quorn mince with red onion and peppers with a Tesco Healthy Living tomato and basil passata sauce. I used Tesco's Gluten and Wheat Free wraps and put some of the passata on top with a little bit of grated cheese. Only cooked for about 20 minutes as the meat was already cooked on the hob - mmhmmm!

Chicken, Sweet Potato and Veg Wraps
I had some left over wraps along with a load of salad that was due to go passed it's best so I stuck with the wrap theme the next night and just cooked 4 breaded chicken fillets as well as some cut-into-wedges Sweet Potato and fried some veg (peppers, halved cherry tomatos, red onions, sweet corn and spinach). This is possibly one of my favourite meals so far as it was great to build you own dinner so to speak and add what you want to make the perfect wraps. It also gave us the first chance to use our outdoor table on the roof (we live on a pub with no garden so the roof had to do!)

(Even Nick's getting on the healthy eating bandwagon - although living with me, he doesn't really get a choice!)

Salmon, Veg & Rice
I'm loving Salmon at the minute despite having never been a fish lover so was more than chuffed that there was a great, simple recipe to have a go at. I normally drown salmon in Sweet Chilli sauce but this time I sliced some lemons and put them on top as well as squeezing the juice of half a one over it. I then fried some mushrooms, cooked broccoli, peppers, red onions, peas & sweetcorn and cooked a "cheat" bag of brown rice and quinoa in the microwave. I used the other half of the lemon juice on the rice and veg before placing the fish on top - boom! I'm such a loser at the minute and trying to make my food look as colourful and exciting to eat as possible! 

 Chicken and Veg Curry
Ok so this one doesn't look as colourful and exciting but it tasted sooo good and I was so surprised at how much I liked it. The main trick is to use some curry (I used korma as I'm a wimp) past with 100ml of Veg stock instead of a curry sauce as it's so much healthier than a jar of calories. I used chicken with sweet potato, butternut squash, peas and chopped tomatoes for the curry and added a bag of microwave brown rice. It's definitely a "don't knock it 'til you've tried it" dinner (particularly juding by the photo!)

These are just a few ideas for quick and simple Summer meals that are good on the waist line and also works out cheaper as you can use the veg in every meal too!

Send me links for other Summer meal ideas and let me know if you try any of mine!


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