May Fitness Update!

Thought it was time for another little fitness update as I've made so many changes in the last month it's hard to keep track...
Last Targets I made (6ish weeks ago)
1) Drink more Water (Skin has been going through breakout phases a lot lately!)
2) Build some core muscles/strength (Going to aim to go to Yoga/Pilates more!)
3) Throw out the old clothes that don't fit!
4) Get outside more - whether it's running or cycling, or just going for a walk.
1) Drinking more water has definitely been a big change over the last month or so and it's actually going better than expected I've brought a nice proper water bottle to keep track and I'm trying to drink at least 2 a day along with a bottle in the gym while I'm working out. I've not noticed a huge difference in my skin as I've never had bad skin anyway but I hope it's supported my new Skincare Routine which I recently posted about!
2) I've found a whole new love for working out since I brought the 12 Week Bikini Body guide by Kayla Itsines from Austrailia! She sets out a day by day, week by week plan to help you tone up as well as lose weight. I'm only a week or so in but I can already feel and see a difference in my arms and calves. I've been experimenting with different "on the spot" weight training as well as following her guides at home in the privacy of my own home with a medicine ball and dumbells! I'm sure I'll blog more about her guide when I've completed more!
3) I had a huuuuuge clear out about 3 weeks ago and have 5 carrier bags of clothes and shoes to take to the Cash for Clothes Shop and managed to make £73 on eBay which helped pay for a new pair of jeans... 2 sizes smaller than the ones I brought just before Christmas. This was a bonus not only to prove my fitness regeimes and healthy eating are paying off, but it's a little extra pocket money for my holiday!
4) Ok, old person statement alert - I've joined the National Trust! Yes.. I know! But do you know what, I bloody love it. It's so nice on a weekend to be able to go for a walk or jog around the different routes, through the fields and nature (apart from when a Cow has a shit at the same time as you walk go passed and it swings your tail so you get covered.. unfortunately true story)! It definitely cheers my mood up and it's nice to have a change from the same 4 walls in the gym!

Awsworth 5km "Fun" Run
Last week I took part in a fun run for Bone Cancer Research Trust at my little Brother and Sister's school and around their village. I'd only managed to get to 11 minutes a mile each day the week before and couldn't get it under so I gave myself an hour to complete baring in mind the chances were my Step Mum would race ahead, Henry would want to walk the whole way with Jess determined to run as much as possible. I was determined to be with Jess and run as much as we could and despite parts of the course being quite hilly particularly towards the end, we completed it in 44 minutes so on average, 11 minutes-ish a mile even with a 5 years old in tow! I was so chuffed with myself even if little kids 10 years younger than me beat me. It's definitely given my that buzz to sign up for more like the Race For Life (any that you can walk and run basically)!

Food-wise, it's going fab too, especially since getting the Kayla Itsine bikini body guide which includes so many new and exciting things to try but head over to my latest Food Friday blogs for more ideas and inspiration :)

I've got a smoothie maker and a Blend Active blender but I've been so busy this month I've barely used it but luckily I've found the Cawston Press beauties in Tesco! They're so nice and don't have all the hidden sugars that most other juices do. They're a little pricey but Tesco have had them on offer the last few weeks so I'v been treating myself :)

With just weeks until my holiday, I really need to keep focused on my new targets to ensure I feel confidence and looking smokin' in that bikini on the beach! ;)

1) Keep toning up - start to aim an entire gym session twice a week purely to weights!
2) Cut down on bread/carbs/junk food during the week. Only have it at weekends throughout June.
3) Make sure I continue to have breakfast as this has been slacking recently!
4) Swim more to help tone up!
5) Sign up to some more fun runs

Please Tweet me tips and inspo on how you're getting bikini body ready!


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