Tangle Angel Review

My hair is a day to day battle and washing/blow drying it is a genuine chore. All girls out there with long and thick hair will understand exactly what I'm saying when I say that I genuinely dread washing in and will do anything to get another day of dry shampoo'd hair.

I recently went to the Shropshire Bloggers Meet Up and in the amazing goody bag we got a free Tangle Angel Hair brush (and a mini key ring version too!) and I admit I was excited but I've been through Tangle Teezers (which I actually lost a month or so ago and wasn't keen enough to repurchase) and other products so my hopes weren't being held too high.

Last night though, a new era started for my hair! It took me no more than a minute to brush through my tangled wet hair which must be a new record, particularly as it had been scragged up into a bun after washing it quickly after swimming. I was so surprised as how easily it went through my hair - it did the typical "brush your hair from the top and the knots just gather at the bottom" but it was so easy to sort out compared to the Tangle Teezer.

Probs shoulda cleaned it first! Woops - least you know I've really used it!

What I really love is that it has a handle whereas most similar products don't and end up slipping out your hand or become uncomfortable when wet. I will admit though that I'm not the girliest person and the angel wing shape and metallic pink is certainly more up my little Sister's street than mine but I'm beyond ecstatic that these were in the goody bags. It's not heavy at all so it's perfect for putting in my swim/gym bag and the mini keyring is great for when I'm on nights out and need to back comb my hair a little or if I get stuck in the rain.

Both me and my hair are more than chuffed and this will certainly be part of my hair care routine for life!


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