Urban Decay Selfridges Bloggers Event

Late last week I got a message inviting me to the bloggers event being held by Urban Decay in Selfridges, Birmingham so Bloggers Event + Bull Ring + Need for holiday shopping = YES!

So yesterday I got a early train to Birmingham with my game face on and determined to pick up some bargains before meeting the gorgeous girlies at Urban Decay.. (I'll do a seperate post on my holiday pick ups which are 99% Primark!)

The small meet up was hosted by the lovely Kirsty Lo on the Urban Decay stand in Selfridges - be sure to go and say hello if you're passing by! It was so lovely as always to meet other bloggers from the surrounding areas and we got a first look at the brand new Vault, The Stock Pile which is a large collection of lipliners and lipsticks worth nearly £400 in total but selling for £180 - something else to save for ;)

It gave me a great opportunity to look at and try the products as I've never ventured into Urban Decay so I'm excited to try new products and learning about the looks you can create... I won't keep rambling but here are a few snaps!

Oh hey Karen from JinksyBeauty!

I've never been a huge fan of lipgloss and I'm a definitely a matte lip girl but I tried a couple of the nude new Revolution High Gloss products and I'm definitely on the way to being converted. They were just lovely in colour and texture - with so many colours there's definitely something for someone whether you're like me and stick with the nudes or a bit brave and like something brighter and bolder.

Thank you to Kirsty and the Urban Decay team for hosting a lovely afternoon and ironically after saying one of the only products I've used are the eyeliners, we got a free one in our goody bags and after using it this morning, I re-found my love for it! <3 p="">

Please send me links to any Urban Decay reviews so I can make a list of products to try! Plus if you know of any meet ups going on in the Cheshire/Shropshire/West Mids area and have spaces available, please drop me a line as would love to meet more bloggers - one of my main blogging goals of 2015!



  1. This looks like a lovely event. Here's to hoping they do one closer to Bristol! I love the colours of their Nude Lipglosses, I'm on the search for new ones so I'll check Urban Decay out!

    Ami xxx


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