3000 Mile Challenge Update

For those who don't know, this year I am taking part in a year long 3000 mile challenge where myself and a close friend, Luke, are running/cycling/other form of exercise'ing our way through 3000 miles! This is to raise money and awareness for Bone Cancer Research Trust as myself and Luke both lost siblings to Osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer.

I did a post last October when we announced our plans but haven't really updated about how we're getting on and as we have a lot of exciting things planned, I thought I'd throw together a post!

OK so firstly... we're currently just below the 1700 mile mark so we're well over half way at the 6 month mark so we're making great time. It's been a great help having organised meet ups with other families and friends affected by Bone Cancer as well as events at work where we had bikes from the gym in work pedalling all day!

You may have seen if you follow me on Twitter or IG that we've hit the headlines as well as being on local radio stations and the coverage that we've had has been great - we'd love to do more too so we can spread our story and awareness so if you have a channel that we can step onto whether it's magazine/radio/paper etc, please let us know.

In regards to fundraising, we wanted to be well over half way to our £3000 target but unfortunately we're just over the £800 mark so still have a lot of work and campainging to do. I would love to get others involved so if you fancy helping whether it's just getting your friends and family to sponsor you doing a run or cycle, or even just holding a bake sale at work in the office, any money that you help us raise is so very much appreciated. :) (Contact me if you're able to help and I can arrange for you to receive posters etc)

We have a few upcoming events which we're really excited about including the Relay for Life which is a 24 hour event where we have a great team of people joining us overnight on a race track, camping out and making sure that we always have people doing laps and racking up the miles! Again, if you want to attend even for just an hour or so to do a lap or 2 with us, you can find our Team Event on our Facebook page here.

Finally, we announced last month that we will be hosting a black tie event, the Team Bones Ball, in November to celebrate the end of our mammoth challenge! This cuts our year short by 7 weeks so we will be working hard to ensure we hit the 3000 mile mark by then. We're working hard on making this a great event and tickets are being sold daily! Until the end of June tickets are £30 instead of the already discounted £35 so if you'd like to come along for a night of great food, live music and entertainment plus auctions and raffles with "money can't buy prizes" to help raise money, please don't hesitate to contact us.

You can read more about our journey and follow how we're doing...
You can also donate to the Bone Cancer Research trust by texting LCSJ94 £1/2/5/10/etc to 70070 or:
To get in contact, use the above or email lukeandsarahforbcrt@gmail.com
Thank you all for your support and bring on the final few months!


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