Candle Empties

Yes.. I'm going there.

Candles. Empties. It's been an emotional week.

I've finished 3 candles in the space of a week and I'm a bit sad and get attached to the nice jars so I end up keeping them all so I thought I'd celebrate their life *cries* and write a post!

First up was both of my Cabella candles within the space of a month. They are some of my favourite candles and everytime I go back to Nottingham I stock up (like I did this weekend - haul coming soon). Over Christmas I had the Cherry Tartlet and have repurchased this again since but I also found a whole new love for the Violet (don't think it's violet!) candle and the scent is so beautiful and smells just like the Palma Violets sweets!

Both my Primark Candles have burnt out recently too. With them only being £2 each, I've already repurchased both and the new Coconut one ;)

Finally, my Christmas-ish Yankee Candle has come to an end about 2 weeks ago. As it's Summer I do want to replace it with a Summer one and I know Yankee Candle have brought out some Summery new ones so will have to have a mooch online to find a nice replacement.

So now I've composed myself, I'm heading out to stock up - what are your favourite candles through the Summer months? Need recommendations for something florally and fruity!


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