#FoodFriday: What I Ate Today

As always it's not what I ate today, it's what I ate last weekend - Sunday specifically *monkey hiding his face emoji*. But during the week when I'm at work I never get the chance to eat breakfast and lunch is normally boring - either a meal deal or a naff sarnie I through together within 30 seconds while running out the door.. Weekends are when I get to spend the most time preparing food etc which I love :) Plus after our hectic week last week (what my Vlog on everything I got up to here) I was definitely in need of some healthy food!
Banana, Cucumber & pineapple smoothie with coconut water
And of course a YourTea!  
Tuna & basil pesto on toast - well, halved mini bagels! (Don't knock it 'til you've tried it - I'm obsessed!)
Brown rice with plum tomatos and sweet chilli salmon! (Not going to lie, getting a bit bored of salmon so any salmon recipes are muchly appreciated!)
Short but sweet but maybe it'll give you some ideas on what to eat today or tomorrow :)


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