Special Occasion Present Ideas for Him

So next month it's Nick's birthday and he's turning the big 3-0! I already have his main birthday present (and annoyingly I had to tell him what it was as it clashed with another event on that date that was meant to be going to - we're heading to V Fest for the day!) but as it's a special birthdy I still wanted to get him a few other bits so he has something to open on his birthday. I need to be savy though as it's got to get to Lanzarote so it a)can't be breakable and b)can't be big as it needs to go in a suitcase! PLUS it's Father's day next weekend so I've been trying to think of ideas for my Dad too! So I've been racking my brain and I've come up with a few ideas...

Always a winner - clothes are always on the list for Christmas and birthdays and last year I got Nick quite a bit on both occasions but this year I think I'll be going for something he can maybe wear on holiday or something light when it comes to packing. I also have a watch on the list but I have no idea what kind of watch he'd want. He's been saying about one for ages and it was on the list last year but I went a bit OTT and had to knock it off. But yep, clothes and accessories are generally good plus you can return them if he doesn't like them! For the Dad's out there maybe a nice Polo shirt or man-bag!

Again, can't really go wrong! For Dad's it's all about the boxsets whether it's a set of films or a good TV show. Nick however like's his football and documentaries as well as a good film so there's plenty of options to choose from!

Beauty Products
Yep - I went there! Every year no matter who it is or the occasion is, men in my life get shower/body stuff (I work for Boots so it's easy peasy)! Whether it's a nice set or just a few of his favourites wrapped in a nice bag, it's something they'll appreciate more than anything plus there's so much to choose from - a fragrance, aftershave, shaving stuff, bodywash, fancy hair stuff! You won't be stuck for choice that's fo'suuure! (I could push the boat out altogether and go super-girly as there's so many man-dles (man candles) popping up in shops lately, but I won't go that far!)

Photo Products
Boots Photo (along with loads of other photo companies) offer soooo many different photo products nowadays. Last Christmas I got my Dad an iPad cover with a photo of the family on and it went down a storm so anything from tech product covers, to desk photo products, canvases or wash bags, there's so much out there and it's great getting something so personal. Also this year I've seen so many photo-food related products on other blogs and even on TV. There's a company putting photos on marshmallows and another putting them on cakes. That would definitely go down well with both Dad and Nick!

Experience Days
I've never brought anyone an experience day but I think with it being Nick's big birthday and wanting to treat my Dad, this could be a potential idea. There's loads you can choose from in Boots or WHSmiths or other shops including weekends away or days out, driving days or hot air ballooning so there's something for Men of all ages and you have the choice with some if you want to make it a family-thing too.

Hope this gives you a few ideas - be sure to let me know in the comments what you're getting your Dad for Father's Day this weekend! x


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