What's in my Fragrance Cabinet?

I saw this on someone else's blog a few days ago (so sorry I can't remember her name and can't find the Tweet and a blogging Twitter RT'd) and loved the idea. It's a short but sweet blog showing what I smell like on a day to day basis and what I save for more special occasions ;)

"Everyday" fragrances
I have so many "everyday" type fragrances that get thrown from one bag to the next or the types that I spritz around a room to make it smell nice and fresh. These are a few of my favourites...
Zoella's Blissful Mistful
Lady Gaga
Hugo Boss Orange
DKNY Summer
Gucci Premier

(Work desk situ)

"Special Occasion" fragrances
I very rarely treat myself to the perfume which I love normally as they're a bit more pricey but I always end up putting them on my birthday or Christmas list. I've used the same 2 "special occasion" fragrances for as long as I can remember. I first brought Gucci when I was in year 11 at school and we went to Paris on a school trip and have used it more than any other fragrance in the last 8 years! Jimmy Choo I smelt on one of my gorgeous ladies about 4 years ago and have gone through a couple of bottles since.
Gucci Guilty  
Jimmy Choo Classic

This year's "Summer" fragrance
Each year I end up picking up a fragrance from duty free or a cheap perfume shop when I'm on holiday however this year I've picked up one already and it's the new Jimmy Choo Exotic. I'm not a massive fan of the bottle but the scent is lovely. It's very similar to the original Jimmy Choo however it's a bit more floraly with a stronger, longer lasting scent!

It's not really a tag but I would love to see what everyone else wears when it comes to perfume and whether you change your perfume to suit the season or you just have the same collection all year round.


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