New Hair & Hair Inspo

 I've been saying on Twitter for a couple of months now that I needed to change my hair - I was bored and wanted something more Summery but for the first time ever I had no set idea as to what I wanted. I knew I wanted to go lighter but I didn't know whether than was highlights, full head or just a few highlights around the bottom for a dip dye effect. I spent hours scrawling through Instagram and Pintrest for ideas and these were some of the styles that I loved...


I went to Royston Blythe in Shrewsbury as a couple of friends have been there and their photos and hair look great and I've heard lots of good things! I went in for a consultation a few weeks ago so they knew roughly what I wanted and I showed them the above photos and basically let them take over and do what they want! I didn't know how high up my hair I wanted the blonde or which colour of blonde would suit me so I left it to the experts and this is how it went down...

It was a bit of a mess, was too long, the ends were battered, the blonde that was on there before was coming through the dye and the top was a mix of god knows how many brown/red colours as it was fading unevenly.

The top is a gorgeous dark brown colour which is now finally even all over and gives it that gorgeous shine that has been missing for so long. As for the ends... *squeals* After showing the photos and letting them loose on my hair, this is what the guys came up with... It's had a good cut, more layers, thinned out, a great treatment ready for holiday and I just think the blending from dark to light is perfect and toned! Had so many compliments and the photo I put on Facebook is one of my most liked photos ever! The blow dry was just the cherry on the already sweet cake and I think that it looked amazing the day I had it done an the day after. I wish I had the patience to do it myself but I think it calls for more treats and trips to the hair dressers before any events or nights out ;)

Thank you to the guys at Royston Blythe for my new hair! If you're in Shrewsbury and looking for a new hair style, look no further.



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