What's in my Hand Luggage?

Following on from the post I did recently about what's in my suitcase ready for holiday, I thought I'd do a bit of a hand luggage post as well!

I like to try and be a bit more organised when it comes to hand luggage so even though I actually have a 10kg suitcase on wheels (as I needed more room as we're only sharing 1x 20kg suitcase) but I have my Alphabet Bag from Cabella where I keep all my onboard/airport essentials:

Phone & iPad
Books / Magazine
Purse (including passport & Euros)
Instax Mini Camera (plus extra film)
Mini speaker
Pain Killers / Anti travel sickness tablets
Make up/face wipes
Hand gel/lotion

Plus anything I buy at duty free in the airport ;)


  1. Aww I love those little cameras. I feel like I'm the only blogger that doesn't have one, haha!


  2. Cool that helpful relly dont know what to put in mine when i go on holladay


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