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REVIEW: Impress Stick On Nails

I wasn't planning on doing a review for these or anything any time soon as, as you can tell, I've fallen off the blogging bandwagon as my Macbook has pretty much died, and the new job is knackering me out in the evening - HOWEVER - you know when something is SO good and so unexpected, I just HAD to blog about these little bad boys... I've used Impress Nails before and have always been "impressed" (excuse the wording!) and I found some while I was having a clear out last week and as we had a big event for a couple of days at work I thought I'd stick them on and look a little bit more fancy pants. I used the Plum Colour and added a bit of Gold Glitter as the theme of the event at work was Gold so they were perfect. Even though I've used them before, I didn't think they'd last more than a few hours as at work as I was doing delivery, cleaning, filling shelves etc so it's all very hands-on but when it got to 8 DAYS later, including a gym s

What's in my bag: V Festival Edition

As I'm off to V Fest tomorrow I thought I'd take the opportunity to do a bit of a "What's in my Bag" style blog post but a V Festival Edition! I've never been before so I honestly have no idea what to expect and we're only going for the day so I've only got the one bag to take as we're not camping so I've not had to be too organised ;)  I was running around like a made man last night in Telford Shopping Centre while it was late night shopping trying to find a waterproof coat and a pair of wellies as I have neither and haven't owned any since I was a child but managed to find both!  No where I went really had a lot of choice - if anything - but I went into Primark and managed to find both (admittedly, they only had 2 different pairs of wellies and 3 different coats so I didn't have a lot of choice).  My wellies were in the sale for £3 which I'm super chuffed with and although they're not longer, I struggle to fi

VLOG: Lanzarote 2015 & 100th POST!

It's only taken me 4 weeks, 6+ attempts and nearly an "out of the window" iPhone and Mac but I FINALLY got our Holiday Vlog uploaded and just in time for my ONE HUNDREDTH BLOG POST - what a way to celebrate. It's 11 minutes long so much longer than anticipated and it's probably enough to send you to sleep but if you're looking for holiday ideas either this year or next year, I'd definitely recommend Lanzarote and I hope this gives you a few ideas for if you decide to go. It was the best two weeks and I actually cried on several occasions leaving.. and flying home.. and landing.. and arriving back at the flat. (I didn't want to come home, OK?) Nick's just watched it for the first time and it's so nice to look back at what we did and the highlights of the two weeks whether they were nights out, days by the pool/beach or the day trips and excursions. Anyway.. enjoy the "little" VLOG and here are a few of my favourite memories &l

Stella & Dot Stock Sale

You may remember earlier in the year I took the challenge and joined the Stella & Dot team but since I've started my new job, I don't have the time to continue so I've sadly closed my account and will be selling my stock (the bits I don't want to keep that is.. I'm keeping more than I'm selling). All products are non-negotiable so don't even ask me to lower them as I'm already selling them at half of the value or less P&P is £2 per item Items come in their own boxes  Will post across UK and ROI  Postage must be made via Paypal or Bank Transfer  Only contact me if seriously interested and it will only be officially yours once paid (can't you tell by all these that I'm fed up of people taking the piss during my last couple of sales).  Tweet/comment below or message me if interested :) - view more images of each at x  Soleil Pendant - £30  Remy Wrap Bracelet - £20  Ame

Boots & No7 Haul

So yes.. I may have done just a teeny tiny shop since I got back from holiday. I of course also used the excuse of having a new job as a No7 gal at Boots to get everything so I can test it out and make sure I look the part... Good excuse, right? ;)  I spent a few days choosing what to buy as I wanted to make sure I liked them so I sneakily tested a few bits and pieces and I listed everything that turned out popular so I could give them a go. Cosmetics : Liquid eyeliner  Dramatic Lift Mascara  Eyebrow Sculpting Pencil Matte Lip Crayon (in Raspberry Wine) Lip liner (in Pink)  Beautifully Matte Make Up Base Gel Shine nail polish  Instant Radiance Under Eye Concealer  Beautifully Matte Foundation Skincare : Naturally Sunkissed Gradual Tan Beautiful Skin, Oily Skin Night Cream Face wipes  Pampering Dry Oil Body Spray Beautiful Skin Cleansing Oil Protect and Perfect Intense Body Serum Me