What's in my bag: V Festival Edition

As I'm off to V Fest tomorrow I thought I'd take the opportunity to do a bit of a "What's in my Bag" style blog post but a V Festival Edition! I've never been before so I honestly have no idea what to expect and we're only going for the day so I've only got the one bag to take as we're not camping so I've not had to be too organised ;) 

I was running around like a made man last night in Telford Shopping Centre while it was late night shopping trying to find a waterproof coat and a pair of wellies as I have neither and haven't owned any since I was a child but managed to find both! 

No where I went really had a lot of choice - if anything - but I went into Primark and managed to find both (admittedly, they only had 2 different pairs of wellies and 3 different coats so I didn't have a lot of choice). 

My wellies were in the sale for £3 which I'm super chuffed with and although they're not longer, I struggle to find wellies in Wide Fit for my calves so these are perfect for me. 

While in Primark I got a cheap pair of Ray-ban style sunnies as I don't want to take my Michael Kors ones incase they break or I lose them etc. Altogether everything from Primark (coat, boots and glasses) cost just £12! Can't really complain with those bargains ;) 

I brought this flowery headband from Primark last Summer for Capital Summertime Ball and I've never worn it since so what better excuse to dig it out! 

I've debated a lot whether to take my Instax camera as I don't want it to get broken or worse, stolen! But I really want to take it so I've put it in a case in my bag so hoping I manage to take some great polaroid shots with it. 

Despite it giving rain and thunder all weekend, it gives it really hot so I'm taking the Magical that we had left over from holiday and also a 4head headache stick as it's a day of loud music and alcohol! 

Because I'm a bit of a clean freak, I'm of course taking some Halo Anti Bac wipes with me, just one of the mini packets so it doesn't take up too much room in my bag. 

I don't particularly want to take a hair brush with me as the only ones I have are really big and bulky so my back combing comb is coming with me to keep my hair full of volume and as neat as possible (you can guarantee this time in 24 hours I'll be posting a photo on Instagram of me looking a drunken state with my hair all over the place!) 

Again, I don't want to carry anything big or heavy so I'm taking one of my perfume mini's with me instead. I wanted something really strong so it'll last as long as possible so Miss Dior is coming with me. 


Finally, I didn't want to take my main make up bag with everything in so I'm taking my emergency make up bag which I keep in my locker at work and luckily it's full of mini items such as mascara and foundation and blushers along with the regular hippies and some gum! Least it'll keep me looking good throughout the day despite the weather. 

If you're going to any festival this year, send me links about your experience or any links prior to your visit about what you're taking with you! I'm sure I'll do a post after with an OOTD etc :) xox 


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