Review: Seche Vite Top Coat

First blog in bloody weeks - really need to get back into it so chosen my favourite product at the moment to have a little ramble about - apologies that it's another nail product as my last post was a review on nail product but I can't not write about it! :)

2 people recommended the Seche Vite Topcoat (which I'd never heard of before!) as I kept moaning that since having my acrylics taken off my nail polish doesn't stay put longer than I've left the room I put it on in as my nails are such a state! Plus now working as a beauty gal in Boots means that I can't have scrappy looking nails.

I finally caved and paid the £9 price tag (kinda ouch for a topcoat) but I'd not even put it on one whole hand that night and I knew it was the best money I could spend and it's a new beauty-must-have that I'll be repurchasing for life.

I normally don't use a topcoat and if I do it's just a bog-standard Sally Hansen one but it's safe to say that this has changed my nail routine. The shine it leaves is just dreamy and it makes nail polish stay on and pretty much untouched for days but my ultimate favourite bonus is that it dries nail polish SO much quicker. I'd repurchase purely for this quality as I never have the patience to sit for hours while they dry. I also think it helps the growth and strength of nails too even if it doesn't state it anywhere as I've been using it for a couple of weeks and my nails currently look amazing and finally long enough to put a nice gel polish on!

I'd never heard of Seche Vite whether it be colour polishes or treatments and I'd never seen it before as it's in the nail accessory section of Boots rather than the beauty section but if you struggle to keep your nail polish shiny and in one piece with no chips, I couldn't recommend this enough! Definitely worth the price.


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous blue!! I'm now painting my nails more at home so I need a good top cost! I'll try this for sure!


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