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My Fragrance Cabinet

There have been SO many new fragrances out in the last 6-8 weeks that it's been hard to keep up.. So many from the more expensive end of the fragrance cabinets to the cheaper, celebrity end.  With my birthday and Christmas in the coming weeks it's given me the chance to collect a list of my favourites at the moment almost as a wishlist ;) My all time favourite perfumes are Gucci Guilty and Jimmy Choo which I use on special occasions and Stella McCartney and Alien for everyday wear but my collection is certainly quite vast...  My first purchase when I started the new job and treated myself was the new Armani Diamonds Violet - I didn't really know how popular the regular Diamonds was when I fell in love with the Palma Violet scent as well as the almost crystal style bottle! It's not one that lasts more than a couple of hours but with it starting at just £30, it's not the most high end. As I said there have been no less tha

NEW: No7 Beautiful Skin Skincare

I Instagrammed in the week that there was a new range of skincare at work this week and it was within my favourite range - No7! No7 have always had a large skincare range but when I had an alert saying it was all being recalled, it could only mean 2 things: either the world has gone cray cray or there were new products on their way. ALWAYS EXCITNG! I was right and a few days later we had boxes of the new range in our loading bay and I just couldn't wait to get my hands on it. With the vouchers being on and being able to get £5 off each of them, it was hard to resist but of course, and especially after learning how good they smell, I had to try them out. In all honesty I'm not a huge indulgent body skincare person and I'll just buy whats on offer but I did have a couple of the old range including the Body Serum and the Scrub so I thought I'd treat myself and I'm so glad I did.  I've just had a bath and used some of the products f

Boots Gift Guide Wishlist

Yes... It's started. The dreaded C word! The last 2 weeks at work we've been putting all the Christmas stock on the shelves and despite trying not to, I have got a little excited. The Boots Christmas Gift guide launched yesterday so of course I sat on my lunch flicking through and decided what I was adding to my shopping list.  There are sooooo many things that I'd LOVE so I thought I'd collate a list as so I can gather a few birthday ideas for in a few weeks ;) I've got particular favourite categories and found a few pieces in each that I'd definitely like to wake up to on my birthday or Christmas morning!  Jack Wills  Owl Hottie  Backpack with bath goodies Mug and Handcream set  Bath and Bedtime pamper set  No7 Beautiful Skin Skincare Vanity Case  Make Up Brush Set  Ultimate Eye Pallet  No7 Crackers  Fragrance Giftsets Lancome La Vie Est Belle Estee Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge YSL Black Opium EDP Gucci Guilty