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Shrewsbury Sunday: The Peach Tree

I'm bringing back Shrewsbury Sunday for the same reason I invented it over a year ago... The Peach Tree. One of my favourite restaurants since moving to Shrewsbury which is also attached to Havana, one of my favourite bars (oh hey, Rum & Ting Happy Hour)! You know when you see on Facebook, "Share and like to win" and you think, I'll do it anyway with no chance whatsoever of winning, well I proved myself wrong when I won a 2 course meal for 2 people a couple of weeks ago. Wednesday night couldn't come soon enough and I was so excited to go back to the Peach Tree and take my Mum with me for the first time. Ive been struggling lately for blog ideas but as I said all those months ago last year, the food is just SO good I couldn't not snap away and blog about it. For starter we shared the Korean BBQ Piggy Bits (MY FAVOURITE!) and the Tomato and Basil Bruschetta. The Piggy Bits are my absolute favourite food from the Peach Tree and have had them every t

My Tattoos.. And thoughts on them years later!

Today is the 7 year anniversary of my first ever tattoo and it makes me wonder about the tattoos I've had since and how much I now dislike one or two. I hold my hands up to the fact, and anyone who knows me will agree, that I'm way too spontaneous for my own good and out of the 4/5 tattoos I have, only 1 was planned.. And even then it was a couple of days before. Each time it's been a spare of the moment thing and although it's a story to tell, I sometimes think my spontaneous-ness got the better of me... My first ever tattoo was the day before my Sisters birthday.. The first birthday we had after losing her. So to honour her, I decided I wanted her initials tattooed on me. Me and a friend, Holly were having a girly day shopping in town and Holly wanted to know how much it would cost for her lip pierced (or something along those lines) so we went into the Tattoo and piecing shop next to the cafe I used to work in. I knew the guys in there as I'd worked next

Fitness Update: 12 Week Mark of PT

Literally can't believe it's been 12 weeks since I found my new motivation by turning to Sasha at On Form Fitness ( - I feel so good at the moment so thought I'd do just a little update!  So my main aim was to sort my bingo wings out for my dress at the ball and it's safe to say I felt amazing in my dress and I had so many compliments. The ball was at the 10 week Mark and I'm still shocked at how much my body and even emotional levels have changed in less than 3 months. The PT sessions were the best and my favourite way to let off stress and steam in the run up the the ball and I don't think emotionally or physically I would've coped on the night or in the lead up without them.  Don't think I posted the above photo last time and I hate posting underwear photos because.. Well, just urgh but I'm so glad I was encouraged to take photos every couple of weeks as I think I would never have realised what had changed and I

Black tie, birthdays, blogging fail & new additions!

Well.. Don't really know where to start with this post! It's been so long and even though I've been like "yeaaaahhh, back on the blogging train".. I've failed at blogging :( It's been a crazzzzy few weeks/months as for those who don't know, I hosted a black tie ball on Saturday 7th November in memory of my sister and a close friend to raise money for Bone Cancer Research Trust so that has taken a huge chunk of my life/time recently. The evening was INCREDIBLE and it couldn't have been better - to be surrounded by friends, family, old school teachers for such a special occasion.. A night I will never forget.  The support we had on the night from both people there and people on Facebook etc sending us "good luck" messages was so overwhelming and I'm so grateful for every text/Facebook post and tweet. Everything was planned to the smallest detail whether it be the home made cupcakes on each place s