Fitness Update: 12 Week Mark of PT

Literally can't believe it's been 12 weeks since I found my new motivation by turning to Sasha at On Form Fitness ( - I feel so good at the moment so thought I'd do just a little update! 

So my main aim was to sort my bingo wings out for my dress at the ball and it's safe to say I felt amazing in my dress and I had so many compliments. The ball was at the 10 week Mark and I'm still shocked at how much my body and even emotional levels have changed in less than 3 months. The PT sessions were the best and my favourite way to let off stress and steam in the run up the the ball and I don't think emotionally or physically I would've coped on the night or in the lead up without them. 

Don't think I posted the above photo last time and I hate posting underwear photos because.. Well, just urgh but I'm so glad I was encouraged to take photos every couple of weeks as I think I would never have realised what had changed and I would've just felt like I'd stayed the same without realising. My arms were the only body part really I could see had changed (and I'm sure Nick could too after he caught me flexing in the mirror on several occasions *monkey hiding face emoji*).

(10 week Mark) 

So 12 weeks in and I've lost 16cm around my waist altogether (or something along those lines) Despite having a couple of weeks of having put on half a CM. I'm also back into my size 12 jeans.. Even if they are a little tight around bottom and I can definitely see a different in my legs - not really toned up, just a little slimmer. 

As for food and drink, I've struggled slightly, the last month or so particularly - with 3 Saturday nights out in a row and my birthday, I'd had quite a lot of alcohol and therefore my body fat went up and my water levels went down but even though it took a few days after the ball and birthday to get my motivation back. 2 weeks on I'm back in the gym after work and into my PT sessions as well as back on the orange juice and making sure I'm eating better and going out less! I have bitten the bullet and turned into one of those girls who drinks protein shakes 💪🏻 I went for the Maxi Nutrition Strength and power which not only helps gain muscle 3 times as fast, but helps strength too! I'm sure I'll be writing a full review shortly but all you need to know for now is that it tastes goooooood!

Without the ball, I am worried that my motivation will come and go as it already has but I have toyed with the idea of the World Columbia Threadneedle Triathlon next year so I'm currently trying to pluck up the courage to even attempt to think about the training (baring in mind I can't run to the end of my road) but I think it'd be great to have something to aim for - any tips from other Triathlon'ers are muchly appreciated ;) 

Just a little update as a couple of people have asked how I'm getting on and it's a good way of me keeping track of photos etc.. Plus it means I have to carry on so I can keep this blog going 🙈😂

If anyone has any tips on how to get through the festive season without losing motivation and/or gaining weight, please Tweet me up! Next time I'll try and do a post of either what I do in the gym or my favourite healthy recipes :)

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