A late, drunk BLOGMAS Day 14: Homesickness

So this is something different for me.. I just feel like I need to have one of those moments that everyone seems to have and just "talk".. First up, for those that don't know, I moved away from Nottingham last year in May and moved to Shrewsbury as Nick got relocated.. I left behind my whole life.. Family, friends, Job, everything I'd ever known.

The first half of the year was really hard and I still felt I hadn't really settled in and it hasn't been until the last few months I feel like I've finally settled and started to make friends.. By friends, I feel like I have about 2 excluding work and Nick's work friends. I recently read an article by Jameela Jamil about when she moved to LA and found it hard to make friends.. At the age of 24, I almost feel embarrassed about how hard it is to make friends, a friend of a friend who I met on a night out a few weeks ago had it spot on.. "it's not like you can go up to someone and be like"hi, wanna be my friend" is it?". It's so true. I'd like to think that the couple of people who I class as friends consider me a friend. 

But tonight I don't know what happened to me.. I've felt a bit "off" the last couple of weeks after spending quite a lot of time with Mum in a short space of time and finding out in working pretty much all over Xmas and NY so won't have more than a couple of hours to spend with both family sides. Last week I went for a couple of drinks with a group from the gym to try and get to know some people which was so lovely yet I still found myself texting my best friend Laura back home to organise a night out.. Even though I'm not a big party person anymore, all I wanted was to be off my tits dancing in a club back home. 

Then tonight while I was out with Nick's work gang (who are all so lovely and a right laugh which is what I need), I knew I had to call it a night as I have work in 8 hours but I just didn't want to leave.. Partly as I was leaving Nick in town and partly because I was jealous.. Jealous he got a night out and I don't! I got so upset when leaving (the current wine flowing through me doesn't help) and all I can think about is being back home with the girls who I see on Facebook are having all of their own little Christmas parties without me.. 

It sounds pathetic feeling left out and even jealous but at the age of 24, I'm not ashamed to say how hard I'm finding it during the festive season to be away from home having no one to call to go for a spontaneous drink. 

Am I the only one? So many people I meet are not from Shrewsbury but I feel I'm the only one who doesn't seem to settle in? Advice and tips needed for a 24 year old wanting to make friends please! 




  1. I did exactly the same thing last year! I moved to Sheffield from Leicestershire because of my other halfs job and it is SO difficult to make new friends than it was when you were drunk and 20! It was really difficult going from Tuesday night pub quiz's with my friends to knowing no one and having no social life :(
    Blogging has definitely helped me to meet more local people. I would definitely recommend doing a few events to mingle and make some mates :) I;m still bored on Tuesday nights but I'm hoping its a work in progress.
    Jess @ JuicyyyJesss*


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