BLOGMAS DAY 1: November Favourites

I'm so sad November is over and it's always my favourite month by November of 2015 has really been quite incredible.. Black tie ball, my birthday, New Guinea pigs, family time, Good Food Show.. So much has happened and I've brought a few little treats too over the last few weeks between my Christmas shopping so I thought I'd pull a few favourites together. Also, I am going to make an attempt at BLOGMAS for the first time ever - I have no idea how it'll go so don't be surprised if after a few days there's no posts!

Favourite Candle:
I may have accidentally brought like 4 new candles this month, all of which Yankee apart from this WoodWick one from Boots. I brought it on the 3 for 2 with some other bits as was desperate to try one with a long wood wick. 

It smells beautiful and sounds like a real fire crackling away. I find it smells stronger and quicker than a Yankee Candle but it's because the wick is so long.. This also means though that it goes down quicker. But even though they are slightly pricier than Yankee, I'd definitely repurchase.

Favourite Outfit:
Hands down has to be my ball dress from the start of November. I went to so much effort to get it and had it imported from New York but I'm so in love with it and already looking for a reason to wear it again. 

Favourite Skincare/body product:
There is a full review on its way for this but the spray on Veet Hair Removal Cream is pure magic. So much easier, less faffing, less messy hands and less time to wait!  

Favourite make up product: 
The new Satin Smooth Lipsticks by Barry M are heaven! Apart from their nail polishes, I've never really used Barry M but after seeing the Ads on TV and in magazines and seeing the new stands in work, I was desperate to try one in particular.. 170!

Favourite accessory:
I clubbed all my birthday money together and brought myself a little treasure that I've had my eye on for some time now. I'd spotted Fleur De Force wearing this Monica Vinader Rose Gold and Diamond encrusted ring and I thought while I have the money, and save me blowing it on petrol and food, spend it on something I want and something that'll mean a lot. I'm so glad I did as I've only has it a few days but I've had so many comments on it. 

Favourite food:
Both are meals out and I couldn't choose but they're both in Shrewsbury and ice already blogged about one. In the last week I've been to the Peach Tree with Mum and Nick then had a relaxing lunch with the girls this weekend at The Boathouse Inn along the river. Both very different but perfect for different occasions depending what you're looking for.

Peach Tree Stroganoff:

The Boathouse Burgers:

Favourite Day:
By far my favourite day of November (excluding our black tie ball and birthday.. And the day we picked up our new piggies... November's been pretty great, OK?!) was a day with Mum at the BBC Good Food Show! I'm writing a full post about it this week but it was just the best day - meeting James Martin, Paul Hollywood and my hero, Mary Berry! And don't get me started about the free food and drink samples, free goodies and absolute bargains.. More coming soon! 

It's been the best month in a long time and it was so hard choosing favourites.. Be sure to tweet me yours so I can nose at what you've been doing this month! 

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  1. New guinea pigs?! I'd love to see photos, I hope they're settling in well! That lipstick looks gorgeous. Happy Belated Birthday - sounds like you've had such an awesome month. That ring is so pretty too. I'm also more than a tad jealous that you got to meet Mary Berry! xx

    Ioanna |


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