BLOGMAS DAY 12: Healthy Dinner Saturday Steak

After a couple of days of eating bread for lunch and pasta for dinner, tonight I just fancied something filling, healthy and even some veg so a short and sweet Saturday blog post tonight..

Steak, Tesco low fat (pretty tasteless but not too bad) chips, veg, steak .. Ruined slightly by the onion rings though! Mmmhmmmmm! 

I've done a big healthy food shop tonight including chicken for home and curry, lean mince for home made chilli con carne, salmon, salad, stir fry ingredients, loads of fruit and veg.. But I still really want to be careful eating over Christmas and New Year so tips and meal ideas welcome please! 

(sorry about the short post, it's safe to say I'm running out of BLOGMAS ideas!) 

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  1. This looks so nice! I love steak! xx


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