BLOGMAS DAY 5: Sloe Gin & Blackcurrant Jam Tarts

If you know me well you'll know I love a good bake and I like to think I'm a right Mary Berry (pfft, I wish) so when I get the time I like to get my weighing scales and baking tins out. Normally it's a cake of some kind, chocolate, lemon, red velvet.. But I thought as its winter I'd go a little more festive..

I tried these little beauties a couple of week ago for the first time and I added some Sloe Gin to the jam and was surprised how much I liked it. Sloe Gin is currently one of my favourite drinks and it's perfect for winter. 

Tonight I made a new batch after getting some new snow flake cookie cutters...

I cheated today when it came to the pastry as I knew I didn't have much time this evening as got some work to do so got some ready made pastry and rolled it out. I like the rough affect and didn't use a proper circle cutter and I quite like the home made-ness haha! I also find that mixing the gin with the jam before makes it runnier so it's easier to put a big teaspoon worth of jam in the cases. 

They're really simple and really tasty and not at all strong with the gin.. If you don't put too much in that is ;) Great for winter and a nice little treat. 

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