BLOGMAS DAY 7: Next Jewellery Holder

This is by far my favourite purchase over the last week (excluding when I got a bit click-happy on eBay the other night *hide face monkey emoji*)! My dressing table and bedside table are constantly untidy and gathering items I should put away so when I saw this cute little jewellery holder in Next for just £6, it was my motivation to keep tidy and ensure I didn't lose any jewellery and be a bit tidier! 

It goes perfectly on my bedside table next to a Rose Gold frame due to the Rose writing - "every bunny needs some bunny". As most of my jewellery, the bits that are either the most valuable or mean the most to me anyway, are rose gold, I knew just looking at it that I needed it in my life. 

I really do love the home section in Next and I can't believe this was £6 - if you live near a Next Home or you're lucky enough to live near a Next Clearance definitely pop in if you're dressing table or bedside table needs a bit of loving! 

What's been your purchase of the week? I feel I need more Rose gold in my life (I really don't!) 

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  1. Oh it's so cute and what a bargain at £6!! xx


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