BLOGMAS DAY 8: Today's Gym Routine!

A couple of people have asked what I do in the gym lately so I thought I'd do a mini post about the routine I did tonight as its great for a starter and it's the routine I do if I'm tired but still know I need to whoop my arse after a night at Ask Italian last night!

I was feeling a bit BLURGH in the car driving to the gym after work so I did have a can of Red Bull on the way - I don't know if it's psychological but I'm sure it really does make a difference! 

Start with an 8 minute jog at 7.5-8mph

10x 30kg Pull down 
10x 20kg pulley 
10x triceps dips 

10x 70kg Leg press
10x 35kg leg curl
10x 90kg leg press 
10x 35kg leg curl 

10x 15kg overhead bar squats 
10x 15kg OHB right leg lunge 
10x 15kg OHB right leg lunge 

20x abs crunches 
20x toe touches 

10 minute on bike to finish off with! 

It's just a pretty basic 40 minute routine that covers the whole body and something everyone can play with while learning your own weight strength, but I can already feel my legs hurting slightly... Right, off for a bath!

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