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What I Got For Christmas 2016

I have literally never felt less festive at Christmas in my whole life.. so I'm cheering myself up by reading everyone's "What I Got For Christmas" posts and trying to feel a little more festive belatedly. I worked Christmas Day this year so me and Nick did our presents in the evening then had our Christmas day with families on boxing day. What we did have of our Christmas was lovely and I did really enjoy spending some time with my favourite people and boy, did I get spoilt as always! Thought I'd do my own post as a way of saying thank you to my amazing man and family. When me and Mum went to the BBC Good Food Show in November, she brought me the majority of my Christmas presents then - including a Paul Hollywood, Mary Berry and James Martin book which we got signed while we were there. She also got me a great cooking kit with a garlic peeler and super garlic and herb crusher (which has gone perfectly with the casserole dish we got from Nick's

My Birthday in Chester

Oh hey blog.. it's been a while! And with my birthday out the way and having done our incredible second Black Tie Ball in memory of my Sister, I think it's time to get back to blogging (I've even treated myself to a new desk and dressing table and everything to kick my arse into gear).  And I'm starting with throwing it back to last week where I'm daydreaming over the best couple of days in Chester for my birthday. I love Chester and it's one of my favourite places in the UK as it has everything - shopping, cocktails and things to do! For my birthday we stayed in The Queen Hotel opposite the Train Station which was insane - we only paid for the cheapest room yet somehow we ended up in a full suite which was just beautiful. I could've happily moved in (until I found out it was the 5th most haunted place in the UK). The whole hotel was stunning and definitely made the whole trip.  We spent the day shopping (and trying to avoid the rain)

4 Rants About The World We Live In

So I've kinda wanted to write a little ranting blog for a while now but I know it's not my sort of style.. it's not a post that normally comes from me but in the mission of starting to be more open and honest and a little different on this blog, I thought I'd use to talk about everything that has been bugging me lately I need someone to tell me it's not just me.. it's not just me that thinks this world is a crazy place. Lately so many things have happened that have questioned so many aspects of society that I don't even know where to start...  Six Year Old Fashion Worries A few weeks ago I was on the phone to my six year old Sister who was telling me that she had a party at that weekend and continued to tell me all the friends of her's who were going but she then said "but X isn't coming because she doesn't have any heels". They are SIX years old. Why should a six year old be worried, or even worse, not even go to a pa

Matalan Autumn Haul

I t feels wrong to be writing this post while wearing a bikini, holding a cocktail, lathered in carrot oil and sat by the pool in Turkey but I've been reading a book about blogging and only a few pages in, I've found the sudden urge to write a post that I saved as a draft over a month ago.. finally. Anyone who knows me knows I love Autumn.. dark nails, dark lips, cosy nights in.. oh, and a whole new wardrobe. This is why I was so over excited about a month ago when I went into Matalan on the day of their new launch! I'd had some holiday pay after leaving my job so I thought I'd treat myself to some new bits ready for the new season. There was SO much to choose from and I was so surprised at the massive variety of perfect clothing outfit ideas they had on display. I must've spent over an hour walking around the store but managed to pick a few staple items for my new Autumn wardrobe.. a shirt, a skirt, a new bag (which I've become obsessed with!)

DIY Calendar

Over the last few days I've had a lot of bookings for makeovers.. more than normal so I've been struggling to find away to keep track of dates and times etc! I have a diary but I'm so useless at keeping it up to date.. in all honesty I don't even know where it is. I buy it with all the intentions of keeping it up to date (and not losing it!) but it lasts a week and then it's all over!  So this time I decided to come up with my own idea (that I didn't even steal off Pintrest!) to make my own monthly calendar that's clear and easy to read as well as simple to keep up to date. I've got so much crafty stuff hanging around the flat at the moment since we've been trialling some DIY wedding bits and pieces so I thought I'd use some of it up! All I needed to buy was this huge book of gorgeous card featuring over 100 different patterns (all floral and cute) which was £2.99 from The Range!  All I did to make them was set up a table on a basic Wo

July Favourites

July has flown by before I've even had a chance to blink.. I can't believe how quickly this month has gone and I really haven't stopped let alone had Chance to choose favourites.. But I managed to choose just a few items that I've been using and loving this month.  Beauty wise.. Bronze Goddess has actually taken over my fragrance collection. I'd forgotten how in love I was with the beautiful Summer fragrance by Estée Lauder! Something else that smells pretty good is the Umberto Giannini Back Comb In A Bottle which is better than any boost a back combing comb can do. Just spray it on the roots and boom.. Hellllooooo volume. For skincare, I have 2 favourites.. The new L'oreal Clay Mask (the green one in particular is incredible for oily skin) is what I've used every couple of days for the last couple of weeks to make my skin unbelievably matte and smooth. Another favourite is from The Eden Project in Cornwall when we visited in July; a Baobab hand cream. Leave

Wedding: Where to start?

Eeee my first wedding blog post - exciting times. Not sure how this will go so let's just wing it, hope for the best and if all else fails, go back to Pintrest to fall in love with more ideas I'll never use. As you know Nick proposed in Rome back in February but back at home I was definitely in a state of "what do I do now?" and had no clue what I was meant to do first.. After reading and watching blogs and vlogs from Fleur De Force's bridal channel; BrideDeForce, as well as Corrie from Dizzy Brunette, I got an idea of the main things we needed to do before we could even start thinking about planning... Set up Pintrest: I'm OBSESSED! I have pinned so much I have so many ideas that I just won't be able to use all of them. It's brilliant for ideas when you're on a budget and want to make your own items and do a bit of DIY. It's a great place to have all your ideas together - my Maid of Honour has also made a board for my wedding

Summer #FOTD

Yep - that time of the year where I'm changing my make up (tbh I do it anyway no matter what time of year it is) and this year I've felt a little more confident with my new hair, the ability to fake tan my whole body and not just my legs as well as my skin being much better! I love a good season change where you see all the new make up hit the shelves and get to give them a go - did you see I got a bit nail polish happy putting out the new  Barry M Coconut Infused polishes ? It only took a couple of hot days and the BB Cream was back out and given a second chance - something that surprised me as last year I brought it and didn't like it! However with a tan I'm not a milk bottle and with the mattifying primer, it looks so much better than I remember and I even wore it for work - anyone who knows me knows that this  is something that I'd never do out of fear of losing coverage! But do you know what, with a little of the new Maybelline concealer under the eyes an

What I've Been Buying: Make Up Edition

So this month I've managed to do a few extra makeovers so I've had a little extra money to treat myself with.. I kinda went a bit OTT and probably should've put some money into my wedding fund... wooops ;) I thought I'd do a little blog post on what I've been buying lately and my first impressions.  SLEEK FINALLY HIT TELFORD BOOTS! Yes babes! We finally got a Sleek stand at work and I'm SO excited. Sleek isn't really a brand I've thought about and I can't say I've ever been attracted into buying anything but after seeing Twitter go MAD over the Sleek Solstice palette, I thought I'd see what the fuss was about. I brought this and this only and after just the 1 purchase I was a Sleek lover. First impressions of the Solstice palette is that it's just beautiful... packaging and product! After reading a few other Sleek-lover's blog posts, I was pretty desperate to try the cream contour which is meant to be a dupe for the Anastasia BH

Engagement Party DIY

Ok so yes, our Enagement party was like a month ago but it's been a busy few weeks so I thought I'd do a little post while I have an evening to blog! Our Engagement Party (other than feeling like a life time ago) was amazing - it was the best day with our family and friends and was the perfect opportunity for our families to meet for the first time as well as my beautiful bridesmaids to meet each other too.  I think Nick has finally realised what he let himself into when parcel started arriving and DIY stuff from the Range started piling up - if I go this cray cray over an engagement party, imagine how mad I'll be going mad making stuff and organising the wedding? I KNOW!  Picking a Venue As for the location itself, picking a venue was actually tricker than I expected - I wanted the pub where we met as they have a Function Room and some of Nick's friends work there as it's his old pub but to start with he didn't and wanted to go elsewhere.. We loo

Top Drinks for Summer

Of course I only thought of this post so I could use it as an excuse to try new drinks and drink my favourites! One of my favourite times of the year is just as it starts to get warm and you can sit outside with a nice drink - it's also the best time to try out the new drinks that hit the shelves. I've compiled my top 5(ish) that I'll be drinking this summer...  1) Malibu - or a cheap alternative! I love this fake Malibu which is from B&M Bargains for £3.99.. I'm a cheapskate and I don't care as it tastes no different! Malibu is a great summer drink as you can have it with any fruit juice so it's fresher or make a lovely frozen cocktail like a Pina Colada! 2) Summer Wines are always a great alternative to normal wine. I only drink Rose and even then I'm quite fussy so I find the flavoured fruit wines a lot more to my taste. And after much deliberation, and trying out about 7 different bottles (hangs head in shame!) my favourite this ye

Life update: Qualification, putting a ring on it and rescuing another pig!

I'm kinda fed up of being a broken record when I keep saying "I will get back into blogging" as I know I won't, I won't ever be able to do it as often as I'd like as I juggle a full time job, a second job doing free lance make up as well as attempting to have some sort of life. And it's been a while but today I have the urge to blog so I've just posted about my new favourite nail paints and I've currently got a list in front of me of my new blog posts ideas... So first up... lots of life updates.. I finally qualified as a professional make up artist which has been fantastic for both at work on the No7 counter as well as doing makeovers mobile - I've done wedding trials, night out makeovers, you name it. And you know what, it was 6 months of hard work and making the time to get the 27 units with 13 modules in each done but I got there eventually (: Also, and I'm sure many of you are bored of hearing about it but back in

Product Empties!

I've done an empties post before but it was a while ago and while I was having a clear out over the weekend, I realised how many products I was just holding onto for the empty (or nearly empty) packaging! Here's a little Empties post for yaaaa!  Think both of these were in my previous empties but I get through hair products, particularly conditioners and treatments, like there's no tomorrow. I've used the Pantene ProV range since they brought out the Repair items last year but lately I've heard a lot of bad things about Pantene so I've moved on. I'm still loving the Ultimate Blends treatment though - I'm just glad they're normally on offer for a couple of quid as a bottle will only cover my hair over about 3 washes. It is one I'll keep repurchasing.  Make up times! Collection Concealer... classic. I've brought it like 23847238746 times and will forever continue to purchase. Smash box Primer - will always be my favourite