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Birthday Gift Ideas for Mum

So today is Mummy Jack's birthday and this year I was a bit stuck for present ideas so I spent hours window shopping online for ideas and inspiration so I thought I'd pull together my favourites and top Picks for a present for Mum for her birthday (or even Mother's Day at the start of March.. Bit of an early bird me)!  One of my favourite websites is Not On The High Street and although sometimes items on there are a bit pricey, they had all of the below items for less than £20 in the sale so I was more than impressed with these little beauties. My favourite is the photo frame as my Mum loves her photos on the wall! (And I'm sure I'd end up keeping the Cosmo kit for myself). So both of these my Mum owns - last year my Mum got the Roses Yankee Candle for Mother's Day and this year Yankee Candle have released the new Limited Edition Pop Art style candles so I got Mum the "Mums make everything brighter" candle - it was between this and the H

Olympus Pen E-PL7 First Impressions

So I've not got round to doing my New Year's Resolution posts but number 1 was to research and invest in a new camera for blogging as well as general life usage. I'd had an eye on one in particular and it was the Olympus Pen E-PL7 after seeing blogger, Lydia Millen, posting selfies of her with the camera. I did quite a lot of research (for once!) and read quite a few blog posts, even watched Youtube videos and read reviews on Amazon and other websites and I finally caved last week and used a discount code I had from my birthday on - it also helps that I can't afford it right now so I don't have to pay anything for 12 months and even then, I can pay off bits and pieces before that to spread the cost. I've got a few first impressions of the camera - bad and good - so this won't be a full on review, just a few little notes for anyone who's been thinking of getting it... Good points:  So easy to focus photos before taking them! Yo

The Boyfriend Tag

So the other night when I was talking about my blog, my OH, Nick, was rather upset that I don't really include him other than little mentions here or there on here so I found a Boyfriend Tag for blogposts on Pinterest and it's sure to say that it kept us amused for a good hour. So we're sat here with Paddy the piggie sat in-between us, reminiscing about the last couple of years... here's how well (or not!) Nick knows me! 1) Where did we meet? N: At the Cornmill. S: Where you were an assistant manager who dealt with my complaint when someone put sour cream on my pudding instead of whipped cream.  2) Where was our first date? N: At the Village hotel. S: I was bored and boxing was on.  3) What were your first impressions of me? Smiley and friendly. You had a nice smile and that does it for me. (To Paddy: Doesn't Mummy have a lovely smile). Positive Person. 4) When did you meet the family? Can't remember - I think I met your Dad first, he came in the

My Blog Planner

So before Christmas I ordered my very own personalised Blog Planner ( ) in an attempt to get back onto the blogging train once and for all as part of my New Years Resolution and I have to say that despite putting it off for quite a while because of the price, I absolutely love it.  I think firstly it's absolutely beaut and I love the font which is followed throughout the whole planner. I've started planning blog posts and using various pages to write down ideas so I'm hoping I carry on using it throughout the year and not just get bored of it like I do with everything else.. I'm actually useless! I went for the Matte Black, hard back book...  One of my favourite parts of the planner is the month in view so it's a quick place to use it as an actual diary - I've got birthday's, weddings and special occasions already added so it's all in one place. I can also then use these as ideas for blog posts; wish lists/birthday ide

My latest obsession: Sleeveless Coats

You know when you look at a part of your wardrobe area (or my coat stand in this instance) and you think, I own way too many of pretty much the same thing.. I had one of these moments while clearing out this week and I've realised my latest obsession is sleeveless coats!  My first was purchased last Summer after reading Hannah Magg/Michalak's blog which featured this funky faux fur jacket from Zara - I did go to about 4 different Zara's to get it but I love it for a night out or an occasion where you can get a bit more dressed up. £70 is quite extravagant but I'm glad I invested as I've worn it so much over the last few months.  Late last Summer I picked up this all black jersey material jacket from New Look for about £9 in the sale - it went perfectly with just a vest top underneath or a white short sleeve flowy blouse. It's really lightweight so was good for the warmer months. The only downfall with this one is that it doesn't have any pockets

January Sale Haul!

Only a little haul but I had quite a few vouchers for Christmas and while I was in town today for a meeting, I thought I'd get some fresh air and go for a mooch now everyone's gone back to work and school.  First up I used my Monsoon voucher.. well, I don't often go to Monsoon as it's a bit pricey but I managed to use it in Accessorise on this super cute necklace for Spring and a keyring to cover the last £2. Not bad for £10 for both eh ;)  Nick got me a New Look voucher (clearly knows me so well, favourite shop by far!) and I picked up a new sleeveless coat.. my latest obsession! It's a gorgeous dark grey colour with military style silver buttons. It's quite a heavy one so it'll be great for the next few months with a jumper underneath. I've not really done scarves this winter for the first time - normally I'm scarf mad and I have a whole coat stand just for scarves. This winter's scarf, courtesy of New Look is big enough to be a pi