Collection #ConcealAndLightLikeAPro

Oh hello blog, it's been a while, I do apologise. I also apologise for the state of my new favourite concealer palette.. You know when you buy something and don't expect it to be that good so so you don't bother taking photos?

Yeah, it was one of those products that I LOVE! So much so I'm happy to photograph it in the state it's in - you can clearly see how well used I've made it! 

My 2 most used shades are actually the 2 I thought I'd never use - the green for redness and blue for dark areas make such an unbelievable difference. I've never used any correctors before but I'm officially converted. I've used the product every day since purchasing just before Christmas and when I put the green across my cheeks and on/around my nose and chin as well as the blue under my eyes, I know my make up looks so much better. 

The natural concealer are also incredibly covering and as there's so many shades, it's perfect for when I have fake tan on - the dark is also good for mild contouring. I've also found it so handy as I travel so much so it saves carrying around a couple of different products.  

They can sometimes feel a bit heavy but if you use them lightly and dab with a bit of powder, it's the best £6.99 (sometimes on offer) you'll ever spent. Move over high end concealer - I've found the one for me! 

Collection is amazing at the moment with their new range of palettes so it's definitely one of favourite brands at the moment! 


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