January Favourites

How fast has January flown by? Its like I've blinked and all of a sudden it's February! Thought I'd kick off the month with a "favourites" post. It's been a bizarre month and I spent the majority of it at home not doing a lot so I've not had a chance to try a lot of new products until I started back at work last week but for now, January still made memories..

My best friend got married, I finally invested in a camera which I LOVE, all the piggies became a lot more confident as I had so much time at home and they got used to me being around, I had a catch up with another best friend back home in Nottingham and a I was even lucky enough to catch up with my Shrewsbury gal! 

While I remember, special shout out goes to the Fireside Treat Yankee Candle - after getting a little one for Christmas, it's quickly become a new favourite... Ok, back on with the blog. This month I've found myself focussing a lot on eye make up and trying new things - 2 of my favourites are the Seventeen brow pallet, which comes with wax, powder and the best pencil I've used, along with the new No7 Velvet Lash Mascara. It's great for giving amazing volume as well as length! Both obviously from Boots. 

Going from Boots to Superdrug, I finally brought my first ever fixing spray. The Make Up Revolution Pro-Fix spray is brilliant - I have nothing to compare it to but I wouldn't change or pay out a lot more money to try one when I already have one that leaves my make up looking great all day! From Supedrug I also picked up a B Make Up Brush Cleaner. It's a spray that you use on brushes and just rub off with a tissue so there's no need to rinse or wash. Perfect for me as I'm so lazy. It doesn't leave brushes greasy and you can use them again right away. 

Sticking with Make Up Revolution, I recently posted my mini-haul and that I got a free Run Boy Run pallet and considering I didn't pay a penny for it, this is by far my favourite pallet EVER! I've very rarely find myself using my Naked Pallet and my Smashbox Pallet since getting this and I just love the variety of shades, shimmer and matte. I've used this on a daily basis for a good couple of weeks now. 

Finally, a couple of food, well, drink favourites.. While I was off my sleep pattern was all over the place and I ended up with some weird form of jet lag so a few days before I went back to work, I started drinking Bedtime tea. I was so dubious about this and thought I'd end up awake for hours with hidden caffeine but actually, it was the best I'd slept in weeks! I got this from a little Tea Shop in Church Stretton so I definitely need to head back to stock up. I've also been loving Tipples since I gave them to Nick for Christmas after getting them at the Good Food Show. They're brandy and amaretto flavoured milks for coffee or hot drinks - lovely in a hot chocolate. I've seen them in a couple of Supermarkets so at least I know I can still get them when I run out! 

What have you been loving in January that I need to try out in February?


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