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Easter Lush Haul

Ok so it's kinda Easter/kinda normal Lush products after I thought I'd treat myself to a few goodies while I was shopping in be week. I've noticed lately that my bath products have been going down a lot quicker than normal and after finding out that Nick has also been using them (monkey hiding face emoji!) I thought I'd better get him a couple too so he doesn't use my favourites!  I picked up 2 of the Fluffy eggs as they smell AMAZING! I'm actually excited to go to the gym shortly as I know I have a Lush bath waiting for me with on of these beauties waiting when I get home.  I also picked up the Easter carrot set too! The colours are so vibrant and you can already tell the product is really pigmented so I'm so excited to see how bright it turns the bath water.  Finally for Nick I picked up the Dragon Egg(?) as it has popping candy in and he's obsessed with popping candy - he was also moaning that a couple he'd used

Primark Home Haul

I don't often do Primark as the nearest one to me is 14 miles away and even then there isn't a huge home section so while I was in Blackpool last week, I hit up the 5 story (yup!) Primark and raided the home section well and good.  I've started to make our (what I call) spare-spare room into a mini dressing room with my dressing table and my beauty bits so I wanted to make it a bit more homely and cosy. All I had to base the room around was my white dressing table and a brown sofa so I knew that rustic was the way to go.. My favourite.  These 3 are perfect with each other and give off a "travel" vibe and anyone know knows me knows I love travelling, even have a love for hotel rooms and little B&Bs, no matter where. The black/wooden/gold theme stands brilliantly on my cream walls and leaf hanging is really different so I couldn't not pick it up.  Both these wall hangings were £1 and stick with the wooden/rustic theme so make t

Mother & Daughter Boohoo OOTD

To help celebrate Mother's Day, ensured that my Mum, Sonia, and I were dressed for the occasion. As we won't see eschother on Subday sadly, we went for a few drinks tonight to celebrate my engagement. Neither me or Mum are "dress people" but we both enjoy getting dressed up in a nice top with jeans or leggings ready for a few cocktails so our new tops were perfect for the occasion.  Mum likes her simple black tops with her black trousers so this chiffon wrap top is perfect for her and comes in a variety of sizes which she was so impressed with. At just £20 and available in a variety of shades, I think I'll also be getting this for myself.  Ps - she didn't want her lovely face in the photo!  As much as I live chiffon, I'm all about the patterned blouses and overs sized shirts so I absolutely fell in love with this paisley print blouse. It was great over my black leggings. And again, for just £20, this is great for any occasio