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Life update: Qualification, putting a ring on it and rescuing another pig!

I'm kinda fed up of being a broken record when I keep saying "I will get back into blogging" as I know I won't, I won't ever be able to do it as often as I'd like as I juggle a full time job, a second job doing free lance make up as well as attempting to have some sort of life. And it's been a while but today I have the urge to blog so I've just posted about my new favourite nail paints and I've currently got a list in front of me of my new blog posts ideas... So first up... lots of life updates.. I finally qualified as a professional make up artist which has been fantastic for both at work on the No7 counter as well as doing makeovers mobile - I've done wedding trials, night out makeovers, you name it. And you know what, it was 6 months of hard work and making the time to get the 27 units with 13 modules in each done but I got there eventually (: Also, and I'm sure many of you are bored of hearing about it but back in

Product Empties!

I've done an empties post before but it was a while ago and while I was having a clear out over the weekend, I realised how many products I was just holding onto for the empty (or nearly empty) packaging! Here's a little Empties post for yaaaa!  Think both of these were in my previous empties but I get through hair products, particularly conditioners and treatments, like there's no tomorrow. I've used the Pantene ProV range since they brought out the Repair items last year but lately I've heard a lot of bad things about Pantene so I've moved on. I'm still loving the Ultimate Blends treatment though - I'm just glad they're normally on offer for a couple of quid as a bottle will only cover my hair over about 3 washes. It is one I'll keep repurchasing.  Make up times! Collection Concealer... classic. I've brought it like 23847238746 times and will forever continue to purchase. Smash box Primer - will always be my favourite

Barry M Coconut Infusion Gel Nail Paint Collection

My favourite nail polish brand by a clear mile is Barry M so when I was doing the delivery at work this week and saw there was a whole new collection of Barry M Gel Nail Paints... with COCONUT infused, I got a little over excited and just had to try them all.  The colours are amazing and there's a great variety between bright colours, to pastels, to some lovely nudes! These are only 5 of the colours but I'm definitely going to be purchasing Flamingo (the tangerine one), Bikini (the green one) and Starfish (nude on index finger) while they're on offer at Boots.  I tested them out Wednesday night and I only took them off last night (Saturday) as I had to look a bit more professional for work today and wanted just one colour. They'd barely chipped despite being put on without a base or top coat - the shine was perfect too but what I loved is how quickly they dried!  The new Barry M Coconut Infusion Gel Nail Paints are perfect for Spring and Summer and a su