Summer #FOTD

Yep - that time of the year where I'm changing my make up (tbh I do it anyway no matter what time of year it is) and this year I've felt a little more confident with my new hair, the ability to fake tan my whole body and not just my legs as well as my skin being much better! I love a good season change where you see all the new make up hit the shelves and get to give them a go - did you see I got a bit nail polish happy putting out the new Barry M Coconut Infused polishes?

It only took a couple of hot days and the BB Cream was back out and given a second chance - something that surprised me as last year I brought it and didn't like it! However with a tan I'm not a milk bottle and with the mattifying primer, it looks so much better than I remember and I even wore it for work - anyone who knows me knows that this  is something that I'd never do out of fear of losing coverage! But do you know what, with a little of the new Maybelline concealer under the eyes and across the cheeks, I think I'm prepared for the summer.

When it comes to contouring lately, I've been living on my Collection palette (which I wrote about here) - I use the darkest shade to contour and the lightest to just dab under my eyes etc. It's so much easier to blend than a powder, especially on something as creamy as a BB Cream. 

When it comes to my eyes - it's time to put the darks away and go for something a little more pink and peachy! This is the first year I've really gone for something a little different that isn't just nudes and a dark smokey eye. I'm loving the Maybelline Nudes Blushed shadows as they have some lighter pinks for day and darker shades for either smokey eyes or for all over and night. They're beautiful shadows with super lasting staying powder and the brush thats included is all you really need. This will definitely be a 2016 favourite. 

Mascara and eyeliner will remain the same as the colder months as they're just my favourite ever products - the No7 Velvet Lash and of course the Liquid liner. Both are brilliant for being long lasting so will definitely beat the heat this time of year. 

OK - new product alert! Yes, you may have already seen the hype on Twitter so of course when everyone went crazy for it on Monday last week I ordered it at work before it sold out! And hooey freaking beautiful is the new Sleek Solstice highlighter and eye shadow? Mhmm! I just love it - I think it's stunning and despite not liking the product the first couple of days of using it, after having a play using different brushes and shades, I think I've nailed it as a highlighter. As an eyeshadow, the pigment is just something else - it's perfect for a summer evening with a bottle of wine and the girls outside the bars. (I don't like the brush - I think the brush is the biggest waste of space/money but I've been using the RT bold metal little powder/blush brush). 

I didn't bother with powder and just added a little bronzer.. enough said on that area. 

As you can tell by the packaging, a much loved product. It's one that I have in every shade available and has been repurchased several times. The No7 Lip Balms are great as they have SPF in, they're not to thick and heavy and they're really nice for the day time as they're only a sheer coverage. It's great to pop on alone or over a lip liner. The pink is certainly my favourite for every day. 

My brush collection has changed since last year - probably every brush has changed and is new since last Spring and Summer and it's changed my make up habits for the good. I put the BB cream on with my fingers along with my concealer and also a strip on the contour colour concealer before blending the contour with the RT brush. I use the large No7 brush for powder/bronzer and a La Roc fan brush for highlighter. 

So with Spring/Summer 2016 about ready to appear, I think I'm ready too! 


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