Top Drinks for Summer

Of course I only thought of this post so I could use it as an excuse to try new drinks and drink my favourites! One of my favourite times of the year is just as it starts to get warm and you can sit outside with a nice drink - it's also the best time to try out the new drinks that hit the shelves.

I've compiled my top 5(ish) that I'll be drinking this summer... 

1) Malibu - or a cheap alternative! I love this fake Malibu which is from B&M Bargains for £3.99.. I'm a cheapskate and I don't care as it tastes no different! Malibu is a great summer drink as you can have it with any fruit juice so it's fresher or make a lovely frozen cocktail like a Pina Colada!

2) Summer Wines are always a great alternative to normal wine. I only drink Rose and even then I'm quite fussy so I find the flavoured fruit wines a lot more to my taste. And after much deliberation, and trying out about 7 different bottles (hangs head in shame!) my favourite this year is the Echo Falls White Peach and Mango - Echo Falls also do a lovely Raspberry and Lime one too! Either way, they're currently £3-4 in Tesco so it's an even better excuse to stock up.

3) Old Mout Cider went big last year and this year they're back with even more flavours. The Kiwi and Lime is definitely one worth trying as if you're like me, you're bored with all the mixed fruit everything. I love having it in a can too as it's not as big as a bottle and I find it easier to drink. Again, Tesco have them on offer for 2 set of 4 cans for £5 which leads me to....

4)... Rekorderlig.. Mixed Berries I know! But it's not summer without Mixed Berries something. In all honesty I got these in the hope to make the rather nasty bottle of Prosecco in our fridge taste more drinkable. What I love about Rekorderlig is that they have a recycling scheme - if you save your bottles and send them to the address on the back of the bottle, they recycle the bottle and send you a small amount of money for each bottle posted. Ok so you have to send them to Sweden but it's good to know what they're doing! 

5/6) Both Pimms related but I'm so happy that they brought back the Pimms Cider Cup this year after how well it went down last year. I've brought the Strawberry and Cucumber flavoured Pimms Cider but this year they've also brought out 2 other flavours (that I've seen) and they're on offer in most supermarkets for £1.50 per bottle too so again, it's a good time to try them before the summer starts. When it comes to Pimms, you can't go wrong - it's as classic, it's Summer in glass! 

So I'm sure that there's other drinks I need to try and I'll happily volunteer to taste test ;) Tweet me your favourites! 


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