July Favourites

July has flown by before I've even had a chance to blink.. I can't believe how quickly this month has gone and I really haven't stopped let alone had Chance to choose favourites.. But I managed to choose just a few items that I've been using and loving this month. 

Beauty wise.. Bronze Goddess has actually taken over my fragrance collection. I'd forgotten how in love I was with the beautiful Summer fragrance by Estée Lauder! Something else that smells pretty good is the Umberto Giannini Back Comb In A Bottle which is better than any boost a back combing comb can do. Just spray it on the roots and boom.. Hellllooooo volume. For skincare, I have 2 favourites.. The new L'oreal Clay Mask (the green one in particular is incredible for oily skin) is what I've used every couple of days for the last couple of weeks to make my skin unbelievably matte and smooth. Another favourite is from The Eden Project in Cornwall when we visited in July; a Baobab hand cream. Leaves my hands feeling moisturised and soft and I really wish I'd picked up 2. Finally I have been using the Champneys Spa Heavenly Days Sleep Balm.. It's been a busy month so this has come in handy and I really do think this has helped me get to sleep at night. 

Only 3 make up favourites this month but they've become part of my daily routine rather quick sharp. The HD Brows kit.. Oh lord.. This has changed my brow game for life. Best £40 I've spent on any make up product. Also for eyes is the Max Factor Purple (although it looks shit in this photo.. It really is a beautiful purple colour!) eye shadow kit.. The packaging in itself is really sleek and the colours are beautifully pigmented and varied so you can do so many smokey eye combinations! Finally for make up is a L'oreal Lip liner.. I've been loving L'oreal lip liners in general so not just this colour.. I've found that they're perfect on their own and they're that bold and pigmented you don't really need a lipstick on top. Really very impressed considering I've never really used L'oreal.

A homeware item in a favourite is a must when it's this rose gold foil card from
Chloe at thatlamecompany.co.uk - just £3.49 and free postage! Definitely check out Chloe's website and grab a treat for yourself! 

For clothes, I could've picked a few but a coat in particular from Primark has been worn daily the last week or so! I only went into Primark for a white shirt and came out with 3 bomber jackets and far too many other bits.. This jacket though.. Isn't it amazing?! It's perfect with jeans, leggings, plain tops.. I love it! 

Wouldn't be a favourite without food and it is actually technically an August 1st favourite but no one will ever know.. Woops! These Supergrains from Tesco are SO tasty! I was so impressed last night when I made up a bag of Med grains with some chicken and veg.. Was so impressed it made me excited to be eating healthy! 

July has been a pretty great month and there have been so many highlights.. Cornwall was one of the best weeks we have had in so long, we travelled over 1000 miles in a week and saw so many sights, really didn't want to come home. I highly recommend the Gweek Seal Sanctuary and if you visit St Ives, you must visit Porthminster Cafe and have the best fish and chips and Pimms Royale you'll ever have. This month's highlights include the wonderful make up masterclass at the beautiful Esperar Boutique and Glam Studio in Shrewsbury along with spending a lot more time in town and taking walks around the Quarry and having a bit of extra fresh air while the weather has been nice.. Since the weather has been nice I've been loving my denim dress from Matalan while sipping on Starbucks Marshmallow Smores.. Best. Drink. Ever. Finally, this weekend we had a great weekend raising money for Macmillan after I was inspired by the beautiful Chloe, a 12 year old with cancer who I've got to know over the last few months. We raised over £300 for Macmillan which was the perfect end to the month! 

What did you get up to in July?! Any favourites or particular highlights? I'm sure there will be products for me to try in August!

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